UPDATED July 2012 ~ Lots of new pictures and ideas

Spooky Tea Cup Craft Idea!

dress up skeleton craft ideas with pictures

at halloween time buy up all the fabrics you like and cut out squares to make quilts all year long

gothic colored quilts made by Lady Michaela

idea from Lady Michaela

Paint a regular cake topper to match YOU!

from lady michaela



my friend dani made a doll of 'yours truly'  - Lady Michaela

Give your gothic friends their gifts in coffin shaped boxes.    - Lady Michaela

This idea can only be done if you own your own property (LOL.) Every Halloween,

 I buy the best faux tombstones I can find, for the purpose of adding to my year-round backyard cemetery. ~ Lady Michaela




Danisa:  This is just something I thought of when I looked at the cake.

For people who don't have a heart-shaped cake pan, they can use a square pan and a circular pan and bake two cakes,

and cut the circle cake in half. It makes a great heart.


This is the Jack Skeleton birthday cake my friends made me for my 16th birthday.

 It's a chocolate-coated vanilla cake with some powdered sugar on top (Jack's face drawn with fingers :P)   --from Debbie

Yummy Ice Cream cone Cupcakes you can find black icing with the "over the hill" stuff just scrap off 'over the hill"

and you can have tombstone on your cupcake!! along with the black icing and black sprinkles   ~ from PetuniasOwner

Lady Michaela: I made this birthday cake for my friend Phil. It has a scary tree with skulls hanging from it.

Black icing. Halloween bat garland at the base.   - Lady Michaela

here is a doll costume i made of my friend phil, the doll looks just like him -

 i used pleather fabric, small studs, and made a cross from cardboard.

  i bought the doll on ebay - Lady Michaela

October decorative table wear for a gothic is ok to use all year long    - Lady Michaela

Make your own table center piece with black silk roses (easily found on ebay.)    - Lady Michaela

I made these bouquets out of bulk purple and black silk flowers.

   - Lady Michaela

make chocolate gifts for your gothic friends

- Lady Michaela

Gothic Raggedy Annie Doll

I made a few of these cute dolls ~lady michaela


When someone special to you likes something you don't, give the gift of both worlds.  My husband likes Disney world,

so I bought a Minnie Mouse doll & made her gothic, then gave him the doll for Valentine's Day.  - Lady Michaela

not really being a big fan of betty boop (above),

I bought her anyway & altered her...I don't think Betty ever looked better.  - Lady Michaela

bat dolls i made!   - Lady Michaela

display all your goth treasures in one area of your home, this is my breakfast nook.   - Lady Michaela


 Family Bat Tree idea from Beth of Maryland

with a complete direction guide on how to make the bats if you click the tree!


* Jennifer from: The Fabrics Network, Inc.   says: Wash black items with Ivory Snow liquid for less fading!!  Wash in cold water also.  

* The best black dye is the industrial dye available from www.dharmatrading.com.

Super easy to use & quite effective. All you do is put the packet of dye into the washer in a hot load & let it run about 20 min. 

 (I re-run the wash cycle five times) Search for industrial dyes at dharma.   - Lady Michaela

use this dye:  http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/1765-AA.shtml?lnav=dyes.html

I made dolls of Frankenstein and his bride for my boyfriend and I. 

  I hope I made Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester proud.   -Hannah


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