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From Kate, a lovely spokesperson for Sophie's Family has sent this info about a Memorial Concert on Nov. 25th.

She writes:

The goth /alternative community have been brilliant at responding with offers of help. They are to hold a stall at the Whitby Goth festival next month and raise money by selling black satin rose/ribbons in memory of Soph. Please feel free to pass this on. We hope to do the same. The "official" memorial concert is to be on the 25th November, the eve of what would have been Soph's 21st Birthday. Her friends bands will play to her family and friends, and because numbers are limited, many other events have been arranged locally and all over. If you go to google "Rossendale Free Press" and go to news, you can find todays interview with Sylvia, (Sophie's mom.)
take good care and stay in touch, thanks again
Kate x



August 13........

A couple may have been attacked in a skate park because they were goths, police in Lancashire have said.

The 21-year-old man and his girlfriend, aged 20, were found with serious head injuries in the park at Stubby Lee.

Their faces were so badly swollen that police could not tell which person was male and which was female.

Five teenage boys, aged between 15 and 17, have been charged with section 18 wounding but officers are still appealing for witnesses.

The couple were initially taken to Fairfield General Hospital but later transferred to a hospital in Manchester.

They remain in a serious but stable condition, a police spokeswoman said.

Det Insp Dean Holden, leading the inquiry, said: "We believe they were attacked by a large group of people and we are still looking for other offenders."

All five youths are due to appear at Burnley Magistrates' Court on Monday.

UPDATE, August 22:

From a post on a goth forum concerning the goth couple Rob and Sophie:

"Seven days later, Rob has just come out of a coma and is undergoing assessment, while Sophie remains unconscious and in critical condition. They were both kicked senseless, Sophie dragged around by her dreads until her scalp tore and Rob's head and neck were repeatedly jumped on. Police are trying to match the sole marks to the assailants' footwear. This was nothing short of an attempt to kill them both.

And yes, they are 'lovely, nay, charming people' - REAL people who could potentially have had their lives ruined - I should know, Rob's my nephew."

These goths are not Goth Help Us volunteers but it doesn't matter...they are one of us and they need our support. I am personally sickened and appalled that something like this could happen. And I am outraged more than anything.

We do have a family contact now if you want to send your well wishes.

Messages can be sent to Craig Gilman, GHU Birmingham (England) chapter president and he will forward them to the couple, via a close family member of the couple. I have talked to the family member and she will definitely send on your well-wishes. Craig Gilman will forward them with your myspace link included in case the couple wants to respond back to you once they've had a chance to recover.

You can message Craig with your get well wishes at 'Goth Help Us'.

There is also a snail mail way to contact them if you want to send cards or flowers. PLEASE no black roses. While we as goths may appreciate them, their families may not. Please be very respectful as this is a very difficult time for the couple and their families.

You can send the snail mail to the local police who have promised to forward anything they get to the couple's family.

The address is this:

Detective Sergeant Stuart Dixon
FAO Rossendale CID
Rawtenstall Police Station
Lord Street
United Kingdom

Please let's shower them in the love that only goths know how to give.

*hugs you all*
Rebecca from 'Goth HelpUs'



AUGUST 24th  Update on the goth couple that was beaten...Sophie has died.


***** Here is the latest concerning her passing.

Published: 23rd August 2007
Park attack victim loses fight for life

SOPHIE Lancaster

THE 20-year-old victim of a horrific 'mob attack' in Bacup has lost her fight for life.

Former Haslingden High School pupil Sophie Lancaster suffered horrific head and facial injuries when she and her boyfriend Robert Maltby were assaulted in Stubbylee Park in the early hours of 11 August, leaving them both in comas.

Devastated family were told earlier in the week that she would not recover and went to say their last goodbyes at her bedside in Hope Hospital, Salford.

And today (Friday) the heartbreaking decision was made to turn off Sophie's life support machine; she died at 11.30am.

Rob's uncle and close friend of the couple Nigel Lancashire said: 'We are all just horrified. Both families are absolutely devastated.

'You don't think it can happen to someone you know; these things happen to someone else. All her friends managed to get to see her and everyone who mattered got to say their goodbyes.'

Robert, known as Rob, was briefly allowed out of Rochdale Infirmary on Wednesday to pay his girlfriend an emotional last visit. A former student at Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar, he also suffered severe head and facial injuries, but his condition has improved.

Mr Lancashire described his nephew as very 'disorientated and confused'.

He said Rob, 21, had been asking about Sophie all the time and when he saw her to say goodbye it was 'heartbreaking'.

The couple, both of Bacup, were allegedly assaulted by a group of people at the skate park at around 1.20am after spending the evening at a friend's house

Five youths, three aged 15 and two aged 17, have been charged with grievous bodily harm with intent in relation to the assault on Sophie and Robert; the police and Crown Prosecution Service are now reviewing those charges.

Detective Inspector Dean Holden, who described the incident as a 'mob attack' is leading the investigation.

He said: 'It is tragic that this young woman has now died. Our thoughts are obviously with her family. Anyone who saw the attack or has any information should contact the police.' has sent a sympathy card to the family of Sophie and a card to Rob, on behalf of the Christian Goth Community,

 but please feel free to send your own card.

that address  is:

To the Family of Sophie Lancaster

Detective Sergeant Stuart Dixon
FAO Rossendale CID
Rawtenstall Police Station
Lord Street
United Kingdom

and for Rob:


Detective Sergeant Stuart Dixon
FAO Rossendale CID
Rawtenstall Police Station
Lord Street
United Kingdom


An Open Letter to the Goth Community

I did not know Sophie. I am not a member of the Goth community. I don't really understand "gothness". I do, however, understand and exalt in the preciousness of life and that it is a gift. I wonder what goes through the minds of people who look at others and feel it is within their grasp to steal that gift from others.

There is a young woman who will never have the opportunity to fully mature into the woman she could have been. There are parents who have been denied the privilege of seeing what their child could fully become. There is a young man whose girlfriend was taken from him, one he loved but will never know for sure if she would have been "the one". He just has a void where she once was as he heals not only from the beating he himself suffered but to heal from no longer having Sophie by his side. There are the people close to them who watch helplessly unable to do anything to "just make this go away".

I am saddened and angry ~ not just because someone seen as different was attacked. Goth, or whomever, it does not matter to me. What matters was that the beautiful gift of life was stolen and done so because of caprice. Children who know better did not bother to consider the value of life, but instead out of the vacuum of their souls attacked and beat to death a young woman because she was different.

I don't know that my voice will make any difference in the Goth community as I am not Goth. I do want to ask something though. In the name of Sophie do something beautiful. Reach out to a skater kid. Reach out to someone and do something kind. Don't let this young woman's death go for nothing. Let something beautiful grow from it. I don't know if I am right about this but from what I understand of Goth is that it celebrates the dark things and tries to use them for the betterment. Don't let this death be lost in darkness.

With Respect,
Sea Dreamer

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