By Gaib from ENCLAVE

from Elias Emmanuel "being called a satanist, even though you wear a gigantic cross."

from Harlequin "My non Christian friends keep turning my cross upside down."

"Will my friends think I'm too 'preachy' if I wear my ICTHUS fishnets?"

"I"Would I do this if Eric Clayton was in the room with me?"

from Anya Serene"searching in vain through the local music store under 'gospel' for xtian goth music" (if u live in s.a it's impossible)".........."having to explain to your parents that :
- you are not a satanist even though you favour black, black, black and purple .
- the music you listen to actually does have Christian lyrics, even though they might not be able to decipher them
- no, you're not going out clubbing in your goth regalia on sunday night, "you're actually going to church"

problems in church :

- having parents move their little children a few rows further away when you seat yourself.
- when the pastor talks about heathens in his sermon and everyone turns to look at you.
- a new church member attempting to 'convert' you.
- when you are praising God in quiet, reverent worship, your bangles / rings / necklaces etc are loudly jangling .
- getting your tights / stockings hooked on the seat / pew in full view of everybody.
- you ran out of waterproof eyeliner, and after a little bit of a drizz during praise and worship your eyes make you look like frankenstein (or the bride of) [hmm..or robert smith on a bad makeup day!]
- getting up / down the steps (if any) of the church in your heels / huuuge boots (woe betide you if your church has a wooden   floor... "clop, clop, bang, thud, clop, clop, bang, thud")
- if you're female : the peopel behind you moving further to your left / right because they can't see over your dramatic hairstyle which you've piled on top of your head with Victorian ringlets.
- if you're male : forgetting to take your carl mcoy black stetson off when you seat yourself, and the ppl behind you asking you to take it off in order to see the lyrics
- going to a church gathering after church, and when you arrive they take off the don francisco cd and put on a Christian country  album (it's the only thing they have with a beat) in order to make you feel more comfortable [ok, ok, that is highly unlikely   to happen.. in mean, why would they try to make you feel more comfortable?? hehe, just kidding!!]
- visiting a new church, and the security guard follows you from your car to the church because you are "suspiciously dressed"

- another problem could be found in the black lipstick marks that you leave behind on the cup during the 'Lordīs Supper'...
                                                                                                                                                                from patryxdeth
-having your parents try and make you stop wearing black and tell you when you've worn it too much and having others think you're the next Columbine killer.   -- Crimson        .... (this is sad because those guys were not goth, like the media led everyone to believe)