"A Walk in the Night"

A walk in the night can be a beautiful thing
It's so quiet...all I can hear are the spirits sing
It can bring up memories long forgotten
Some are happy some are rotten 

The night is wonderful without any light
Nothing but the moon gives me sight
Listen to the night...let it speak
Let the breeze kiss your cheek 

Let us take this walk in the night
Let the moon be our only light
Please don't go, don't ignore my plea
Stay by my side, and walk with me
This night is beautiful...it's just right
Let us lay here and enjoy the night
Don't let the breeze give you a chill
Just lay next to me and lets be still
You whisper something in my ear
"I love you and Good night" is what I hear

~Chris S, The Rose Phantom



Cast out, reject
In this world they call their home
Living in a world of my own
Where they except me for who I am
A world of fantasy
How I wish my phantasmal dream
Could enter the awakened world you call reality 

My life is scarred from you whom threw the first punch
When you saw my face
You never gave me a chance
You never looked deeper
You never looked beyond the cover
Into the torn pages of my life 

The disposal of this life would mean nothing to you
You who dreads at the sight of the face of me
Scarred by your cruelty 

It never stops raining into his life
A life filled with fear and anger
Why must I live like this?
Why must I live in tragedy?
Why must I live rejected by all and excepted by none?
Why must I live hated by all and loved by none?
Why must I live? 

So now you care?
So now you look at the pages of a rejected life?
Disintegrated by your hate
Filled by words of anger
Only wishing to be filled with love
Rather than abuse
So now you wish you had a second chance?
So now you wish you had given me a second look?
Cause now death runs down you face
As you think of all the times you rejected and hurt me
The outcast
  By Alisha Drapac, age 13,

"I wrote this in hopes that someone might read it and decide
to give the 'outcast' in their life a 'second look."

Even when everyday sucks
I turn to You O God
When my lifeís a mess
And I donít know where to go
I turn to You O God
When nothing is going the way
It seems it should
I turn to You O God

You alone are worthy
Of my praise
You alone are holy
Enough for me to pray too

When everything is messed up
And nothing is going right
I turn to You O God
When I get into the darkness
Of my inner mind
I turn to You O God

You alone are worthy
Of my praise
You alone are holy
Enough for me to pray too

Whenever I get into the corner
I turn to You O God
When I almost slit my wrists
And killed myself
You came to me
And rescued me and
Made me yours for the rest of your life
Thank You, O Lord
I am ever grateful
To You

Mister Hunter


"Gothic Christianity" 

You are the Light in my Darkness,

The Dove among Crows.

I will follow my God,

Where ever he Goes.


People Think that I'm Evil,

Just because I wear Black.

Their Words are like whips,

That tear apart my Back.


I wish they could understand,

that I'm not that bad.

I wish They wouldn't judge me,

Just like they Had


I'll tell you here and now,

with the words that I write,

That I'm not a bad person,

that my heart is white.


~By Christopher Strong

 (The Rose Phantom)

Broken Wings
I flew before, but now I fall
I dreamt before, but I see nothing at all
The wind whips in my face
with my past making his case
The feathers of my wings slowly pull away
as I stumble and I plead for them to stay
I wish I can change it all
but all I can do is fall
Onto the hard, cold ground
No one cares, they just stand astound
At my pain, at my tears
at my heart, at my fears
at my hurt, at what nears
I pray but my prayers are never heard
as I lie here like a broken bird
whimpering soundlessly in the night
fighting aimlessly in this fight.
I open my eyes, but my tears overcome
reminding me where I came from
I shiver in the frost
as I wander lost
Deeper into the cold
as I slowly grow old
I feel my broken wings
As the pain I feel stings
I wish all this wasn't real,
but it's the pain I feel
that will never heal.
My past haunts all my days
In so many ways
I finally give out my last will
but not giving up still
I will fly and maintain
Forgetting my stain
of my past and fly away
I will not stay
I will escape my tomb
as I did from my mother's womb
and be happy once again
that I do not know when
But I will fly surely
and most purely,
These broken wings will fly.
These broken wings will fly.
 Chey P.

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