fourteen years ago when the Lord called into being, there were very few Christian Goth websites out there.   Most of the ones out there, were questionable as far as the "Christian" part goes.  There was one however that shined the light of the Lord.  It was Sanctuary, San Diego.  That is how I met Pastor Dave Hart, the senior pastor of this ministry, and also a former concert promoter in Southern California for Christian artists.   Some call him "the Pope of Christian Goth", I call him the "gran dad of Christian Goth", but most call him "the godfather of Christian goth!"   Whatever one chooses to call him, all these names imply that he has been in this ministry for quite a while and has great wisdom, and can teach us all.  This webpage is here to honor him, and for you to be blessed as I have been in through the years with this man's teaching.  Every now and then writings will be posted here of things that are on his heart for the Christian Gothic Community.  You will also find magazine articles below that  have to do with him.

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What can we do in these dark times?

I believe that the Christian gothic/industrial community has been called for such times as these. Who else is more prepared to deal with dark days and painful times?  You are a tribe of poet/priests and poet/warriors called to fight the darkness you know so well. Like Stryder and the Northern Rangers in "The Lord of the Rings," you will be used to fight the shadows of fear and terror in the dark forests and murky swamps which lie outside the boundaries of the land of the Hobbits. Those Hobbits may never understand or appreciate the work you are called to do and the sacrifices God calls you to - but we do not fight the good fight for their approval. We do it because we already have His.

So what can we do in these dark times? Be who you are. Be confident in your unique calling. You are a chosen tribe, a holy nation of priests (I Pet. 2:9) and a peculiar people (special treasure) (Exod. 19:5; Deut. 14:2) of a Holy (unique, special, set-apart) God. Be imitators of Christ. Look in the mirror. Surrender the weights (of fear, bitterness, the past, the pain) that hold you down (Heb. 12:1-4), and walk in His way. Do not forsake the fellowship of like-minded believers. Read the Word. Walk the Word.   Remember where you came from. Come along side the misfits and the    disenfranchised. Be ready to die: to your old life, to your dreams, to your glory, to your sin-nature, to this world, to this body. Remember it’s all going to burn. Remember that our suffering will not last forever. Live to hear these words and these words alone: "Well done good and faithful servant" (Mt. 15:21, 23).
~ Pastor David Hart

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