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  Discern everything you feed your inner spirit-man, and do not allow artist or their music to become first place over the Lord Jesus Christ

Take my strength, take my pride, take my selfishness away.
Take my rights, take ambition, capture me make me a slave.
Break my walls, break my bones, break my hardened heart.
Rip my rule, rip my will, rip independency apart.
Breathe YOUR life, breathe YOUR love,
Breathe YOUR breath and I’m sustained.
Take my hate, take my hurt, express healing to my pain,
Take my flesh in all its arrogance, stability away.
Take my life, bring fire
‘til only YOU remain.



New Gothic Christmas Music for 2014


Goth Christmas Music for 2013



BATZZ in the belfry

Monday, October 14, 2013

We're happy to announce the release of the fourth BATZZ in the belfry
CD, titled "Pendulum," out this Thursday, October 17th. It's been a long
time in the making. We hope you like it.



Saviour Machine






 Praying Mantis

 http://walesroad.com/  and  Welcome to Wales Road MySpace   






Virgin Black 


TheBAT/DJ Nuklier Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos   






Beauty For Ashes resides in the Metropolitan area, about 20 minutes
outside of New York City. The band draws inspiration from a variety
of influence, such as The Cure (Disintegration era), mid-late 70s Bowie,
Pink Floyd, and early/mid-80s new-wave and alternative. They have
often been likened to a dark version of U2.
With the completion of their self-titled debut album, and their second
album on the way, Beauty For Ashes is continuing to build a passionate
and devoted fanbase in the tri-state area, and even overseas, with the
hope of bringing their music to a much larger audience.





EVC (Ending The Vicious Cycle) is a post-punk/darkwave band formed in 2009. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, EVC consists of Toby Rider (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards), Joshua Lytle (bass) and Chris Issacs on drums. EVCís sound is characterized by a mix of flanged bass, melodic guitar lines and classic 80s synth sounds.   click above and also: http://www.myspace.com/endingtheviciouscycle




Goth Christmas Music   read their blog

BATZZ in the belfry /\^^/\ Goth/Darkwave /\^^/\ 















 the Edge On-line Radio


Living Sacrifice


not christian, but ambient gothic






  Thank you Kathryn for this new extended list of bands and their sites

www.myspace.com/bowbeforethescene  to unite the hardcore community around the world in prayer, held the 1st Saturday of the month.
Their scripture is Ephesians 6:12.

Bands on Fire www.myspace.com/bandsonfire  is set up to "build a consciousness for European spirit-filled hard music without dividing the scene into Christian and non-Christian."  Please pray for the development and support of their site.

The-hxc-church (heavy metal worship)
new hope baptist church
The worship band is Sawn Asunder -  the band members are  Rated G - Worship leader/vocals,  Rev. Jake Rock "the difference" - Bass, vocals,  The solution - Guitar/vocals,  Jaspar - Acoustic guitar,  Royce rock - Percussion
I love what is said on their myspace page:  True facts about present day Christians:  Pierced People Pray/ Tattooed People go to Church/
Christian doesn't mean narrow-minded.    

Remove the Veil
www.myspace.com/removetheveil    Mark Hendrix - Vocal/guitar, Pat Hood - Bass,  Travis Hopkins - Guitar,  Drew Lyons - Drums 
This is a Christian Rock/metal whose scripture 2 Corinthians 3:14 is where they pull their name and they believe the Lord has given them the purpose to reach kids with the understanding that you can be Christian and still have fun.  
alternative   Skot Shaw - Vocals, guitars, drums, programming, synth, sampling,    Otto - Bass,  Rachel Shaw - Booker of the Show, Seller of the merch., Counter of the (marginal) profit & Skot's Muse,   Clove - Dance stance & Good times (?)  

Jonathan Stamets - Guitar, programming, drums, additional screams, flame-throwing,  Bethany Jones - Vocals, tombraiding,  K.L. - Screams, guitar, keyboards, chinese buffet administrator

Dead Artist Syndrome
Brian Healey - Vocals, w/a cast of thousands (so says Brian)  

Red Baron
Hardcore (Spirit-filled Straight-Edge Hardcore)
Phil - Vocals,  Josiah - Drums,  Josh - Guitar,  Chase - Guitar,  John - Bass

The Last Hope
Justun - Vocals, Jake - Guitar,  Skull - Guitar,  Denman - Guitar,  Dylan - Bass,  Chippy - Drums  

Vexing Souls
Steve Burris - All music, guitar, bass, keyboards, drum machines,   Judy Burris - Vocals, lyrics,  Mike Sheehy - Band Manager,

She says Electric
Jonathan McCue - Bass, guitar,  Connie Budzak - Guitar & lead vocals,  Ken Budzak - Drums,  Derek Usher - Lead Guitar & Synth
They are currently in the studio trying to finish up and Derek has a solo project he is finishing up

FBS (Fight Before Surrender)
Josh - Guitar/Vocals  Oki - Guitar/Bass & Vocals,  Nate - Bass/Vocals, Andrew - Drums/ Bass & Vocals
Just came off tour and unless they pick up another tour will have concert dates here and there until Cornerstone.  This is another amazing band that was at Unified Underground.

War of Ages
Leroy - vocal,  TJ - Bass,  Alex - Drums,  Brandon - Guitar,  Steve - Guitar,  Erin

Danny McClendon, Vinni Knight, Dakota Tidwell, Jimmi Knight, Mark Patrick, Stacey Tyson

Sleeping Giants
Thom Green - Vocals,  Travis Boyd - Drums, Geoff Brouillette - Guitar,  J.R. Bermuda - Bass,  Eric Gregson - Guitar
On their myspace it says:  For if He wakes, He will shake the world..

Josh Dies - Vocals,  Mike Jensen -  Guitar,  Matt Davis - Guitar,  Patrick Porter - Bass,  John Giddens - Synthesizer,  Ricky Holbrook - Drums

Voice of Glass
Olya Meek - Vocals,  David Meek - Guitars,  Juan Hernandez - Bass,  Julian Nedkov - Drums
Recorded three new songs in October.  Ken Steorts, co-founder of Skillet made it possible for them to record, mix and master their music.  They have toured in Bulgaria and all over the United States.

Mass Histeria Magazine
Christian & Positive Music
Magazine that features interviews with bands and musicians, reviews and music news


 Reverend Leviathan  -   Reverend Leviathan has been writing music since the summer of 2007. Described as "shock heavy indie trance" by Kandy Kane of Rackets & Drapes, the music is influenced by many artists and styles. The goal is to reach people who have been in similar situations and circumstances as many of the songs describe, and also to bring spiritual growth to those who are falling from or never known the Paschal Lamb


 The Bat - The Bat has been writing Goth/Industrial and techno tunes since 2004.  He is a composer and DJ. overall he has been making techno tunes off and on since early 1999. www.ReverbNation.com/TheBATDJNuklier The Bat: "I've been writing Industrial and DarkTrance tunes since 2004 with two albums. And been DJ'ing since 2005."







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