A decidedly dark aesthete, a flare for the dramatic, driven by an unyielding passion to create; highly intelligent and a desire to live by no other measure of truth but their own; somber, romantic, elegant, and introspective… this is the quintessential definition of a goth, and I am proud to call myself one.


It has been a strange and wonderful journey from my first steps as a baby bat back in 1998, until present day, where I find myself a card carrying goth for life. I have found solace and comfort in being a part of a community that not only embraces, but celebrates, the uniqueness and individuality of each person.


The golden black threads of our community – creativity, intellectual and artistic pursuits, and the search for truth - are all driving forces in my own life. I am compelled to write, and coupled with my eye for fashion and passion for gothic beauty, I have found myself, humbly, writing for one of the most influential web sites in non-secular gothdom today, ChristianGoth.com.


I hope to share my interests and passions, and a genuine appreciation and understanding of the gothic culture, through the articles that I make available to you, the Christiangoth.com readers. Until then…


Stay spookalicious!

~ Amarantha Mortis


July 2012

 You don’t have to be a make-up artist to successfully achieve a GOTH look. Just follow these important tips, and you, too, can look SPOOKALICIOUS!

 N       GOTHEN RULE #1:  Buy make up that is good or high quality. Higher quality make-up generally has better pigmentation and opacity, and is less irritating to our oh-so-sensitive gothy skin. This doesn’t mean you need to spend $20 on a single make-up product, but it does mean you should leave the 99 cent make-up for your little sister’s dress-up tea parties.

N       GOTHEN RULE #2: Buy precision make-up brushes (they should also be of good or high quality).  Precision make-up brushes are a necessity to achieve a bold, artistic, and sharp look that is quintessentially Goth. It is important to invest in a set, learn how to use them, and keep them clean (Tip: a little dab of Dawn dish soap in warm water will clean your brushes well. Ensure to use the gentlest type of dish soap possible, however, as harsh detergents can damage brushes and irritate skin).

N       GOTHEN RULE #3: Know your products. It is important to know how each product behaves - i.e., its level of coverage (opacity), its finish (matte, shimmer, etc.), its “hang time” (how long it will stay moist and malleable on your face during the application process), and whether it can or should be used under or over other products (e.g., in order to increase coverage or longevity of wear, or enhance color/hue of other products).

N       GOTHEN RULE #4: Make your make up do double duty. Some products can be used on more than one area of the face, applied wet or dry, or on top of or underneath other products in order to achieve different and interesting affects. (Tip: I recommend trying products from Detrivore - www.detrivorecostmetics.com; their make-up products are mineral based and highly pigmented and can therefore be used in a variety of ways. Detrivore also offers $1 sample bags so you can try their products without blowing your whole make-up allowance at in one purchase).  

N       GOTHEN RULE #5: Match the tones/hues of all colored products your wearing that day in order to achieve the most cohesive look. For example, If you plan to use purple eye shadow and purple lipstick, ensure that you choose products that are either all warm purple (pinkish undertones) or all  cool purple (bluish undertones) hues. Mixing hues (e.g., cool purple lipstick matched with warm purple eyeliner) can, at times, depending on the lighting or the products themselves, make your finished product (a fully painted face) look a bit off. In short, consistent tones/hues will ensure a consistent look. For reference, www.colormatters.com offers a good tutorial on color. See also my article at Darkest Goth Magazine related to the Make-up artists handbook, which offers a detailed introduction to color theory and other key measures that are necessary in understanding and achieving success in the visual arts: http://www.darkestgoth.com/wp/2012/07/makeupartistreview/


N       GOTHEN RULE #6: Once you have achieved a look you like, take a picture. Along with the picture, catalogue the products that you used to achieve the look in a log, and, as necessary, the process you used (e.g., “Classic Goth Eye: start with a shimmery grey shadow base by Milani, apply cream eye liner by Maybelline, dust liner with jet black matte eye shadow by Manic Panic to set eye liner, then sharpen lines and add detail with water proof liquid eyeliner by Maybelline”). In this way, you can be sure to duplicate (and perfect) the look again and again in the future.

N       GOTHEN RULE #7: Plan your strategy in advance – if it doesn’t work out, try again, with different products or different methods. Knowing how your products behave will also help ensure success.

N       GOTHEN RULE #8: Think outside the coffin – Experiment! Be bold! Get creative! God gave us soap so that we can wash it all off, and start again.

N       GOTHEN RULE #9: Always apply make-up to a clean, dry face. Once your face is clean (exfoliating first is also helpful), apply a gentle facial moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. The moisturizer will ensure that you are sufficiently protected from UV rays and also that your foundation will adhere to your face well. Make-up will adhere and wear better on a face that is clean, dry and smooth.  

N       GOTHEN RULE #10: Have, and use, the proper make-up tools, including: precision brushes, a lighted three-way make-up mirror,  face sponges and puffs, Q-tips, tissues, tweezers, pencil sharpener, rubbing alcohol and make-up remover, among others. It is important to clean brushes between each use, and other tools (tweezers’, sponges, etc.) as needed. Clean tools will ensure better application, adhesion, and overall, an ideal make-up experience.

N       GOTHEN RULE #11: Sit, don’t stand. You’ll be in front of the mirror for a while, and comfort is key when applying intricate make-up.  It will also ensure you have a steady hand.

N       GOTHEN RULE #12: The eyes are the portals to our souls – spend extra time on them.

N       GOTHEN RULE #13: Practice, practice, practice –and then practice some more.  It’s the best way to become an expert, and the quickest way to looking SPOOKALICIOUS!

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