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 The Grave Robbers ministry is a gothic subculture ministry under the spiritual covering of Hope for the Rejected/Youth for Christ. We provide an exciting and God honoring environment to connect with other Christian Goths around the world. We reach out to the people in our community that are outside the family of God and love them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We help our Goth brothers and sisters to grow spiritually in their walk with Christ.  We are God’s Night Watch.  *HOME OF THE GOTHICON EVENT in August.




Glorious UnDead Church  www.guchurch.co.uk -  glorious undead church, London,  we are a church based in London made up of people who are into alternative music. What draws us together is our love for alternative music such as metal, punk, hardcore, goth, and emo.. Music and faith plays a big part of our lives and makes us who we are.  Our vision is to break down barriers between God and man, to break down barriers between Christians and non Christians, and to break down anything that stops us from knowing Jesus. We are actively involved in the local scene and supporting it. Like others in the scene, we have something to share as well. Some people like to talk about social issues of the day or whatever is on their mind and we are no different. We want to express Jesus in music and the arts about what he has done; not to push it down people' throats but respecting people and their views and where they are coming from.   We are affilated with London City Church, part of Elim Pentecostal Church. Things are rocking around Glorious Undead and good times are ahead of us.. Come and join us if you can.. We meet the every Sunday at 16:00 hours at the O'Reilly's Pub Pub (opposite McDonalds) in Kentish Town..Directions and more info can be found on the website..


     Formally known as Miss Gothic Manners.   Gothic Charm School? Yes snarklings, Gothic Charm School. Someplace for the dark at heart to learn about deportment and decorum. Now, the clever and perceptive among you might notice that a lot of the lessons here at the school seem … familiar. Almost as if you’ve read them before, somewhere.  The Lady of the Manners has spent a not-inconsiderable amount of time trying to gently persuade others in her chosen subculture that being a goth and being polite is much, much more subversive than just wearing black t-shirts with ‘edgy’ sayings on them.  (This is an EXCELLENT site & I am thrilled she is back online.)


An addition to the above book:   The American church today fails to reach out to those who are different, weird, and creative and instead seeks to make all converts into the same mold. Jesus reached out to the rejected by society, shouldn't the church? watch: http://www.godlovesthefreaks.com/



 *Goth Help Us    Myspace Goth Help Us



these folks now host an annual gathering for christian subcultures in Oct. keep an eye on the main menu of 'CG.com' for info Maryland based ministry by Loyal Thurman



If you live in the DC area, this ministry is for you! there always seems to be a Goth event scheduled, thanks to Phill Powel - go out and support all his efforts to provide elegant Gothic events for you.



You are not here by accident but you have been drawn by a force that is far greaterthan anything you could ever imagine. The one who has lead you hear knows that deep inside you there is an unquenchable THIRST, everyone has it but not everyone does something about it.  This site is owned by my very dear friend Dan, check it out!



Welcome to the Asylum.  An outreach to the Gothic community.  Although the Asylum ministry started as a meeting place for Goths at Cornerstone Festival in 1998, it has expanded over the years to something much larger.  It has become a major outreach to subculture communities.  The largest outreach event is the Asylum tent that is set up at the Cornerstone festival each July in Bushnell, Illinois.



Stand True Ministries - Christ Centered Pro- life

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -   Edmund Burke  




The Enemy's Victory:   Darkened Homes and Harvest Parties




Our mission is to offer a site that welcomes the unwanted, the rejected, the lost, the lonely and the hurt.





Musings of a Christian Goth Missionary


  Spectacular  Scriptures





    A New Novel: Wacky Mayla Strong has finally given her life to God. But can He really use a purple-haired young woman with a pierced lip?  Virginia Smith is a freelance writer, a Christian speaker and the contemporary worship leader for Voice of Joy Ministries, based in central Kentucky. Her debut novel, "Just As I Am", was released from Kregel Publications in February 2006.  



Church Abuse & Healing

  Poetry by Steve M. - The Outcast Press website is dedicated to those who dwell in the shadows.
You may be pierced and tattooed or wear a suit and tie. It doesn't matter. Pain knows no boundaries. Anyone can describe the chaos of modern life.
We want to go beyond that and offer solutions for those who rage, fear, hide, cut, weep, quit, seek, question, use, run or close up inside.
Some of you already feel dead even though your heart still beats. You have been ground down, broken, shamed, neglected and wounded by people
or circumstance. It feels as if there are no safe places to hide from the things that chase you down. Our goal is to become a haven even if
the setting is cyberspace. Our offering to you is words, pictures, art, prayers and a reflection of truth and light.


GOTH From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - everything you ever wanted to know about Goth




GOTH KNITTING and more  

 If you love goth crafts, check out this site.  "Knitting is goth. The magical bonding of yarn. The creation of new and unusual shapes. The ability to make clothes precision fit to your whims and ignore the latest fad. The graceful (or not so graceful) motions of imposing your will on a recalcitrant ball of yarn. And of course, getting to hold pointy sticks in the palm of your hand.

 With all these benefits, what else would a vampiress do on those dreary winter mornings before retiring to her coffin? It is my goal to provide the most complete listing of goth knitting patterns on the net, so that every vampiress (and vampire) can spend less time in searching for the perfect pattern, and more time knitting."



Welcome to Sanctuary International -   (East Coast) Do not miss this site!! It has so much to see.  Interviews, music,   Bible school, a magazine, polls, question and answer page, devotions, contests, Pastor Bob & staff, and so much more.



Name that goth - The Original Gothic Baby Names List         


Gothic Martha Stewart: DIY home decor for the morbidly inclined




Refuge Ministries  - Welcome to Refuge Ministries!
'God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.' Psalm 46:1,2      
If you have been involved in Satanism, the Occult, Wicca, Witchcraft, New Age practices or False Teachings in the Christian church, we are here to help you. We offer Biblical counsel, prayer, encouragement and resources. We are here for YOU!




Fans For Christ - Christian Fans of all types coming together ~ Fans of anime, role playing, renaissance, sci-fi, fantasy, goth, and more. It's the site you wish there was, and now it's here! f








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