Gothic Spider Web Makeup





Happy October everyone. Here is a new look you can try. Have fun with it and do variations on the colors of the lips and color of the lighter eye shadow if you would like. Enjoy!


What you will need


·        Black eye shadow

·        Grey or silver eye shadow

·        Black liquid liner/or pencil

·        Purple eyeliner, or cream shadow stick (I used Prescriptives purple crème eyeliner)

·        Purple body or eye glitter

·        Silver crème eye glitter

·        Liquid Foundation

·        Mineral powder foundation

·        Mineral powder setting powder

·        Your makeup brushes, sponges, applicators, etc…

·        Makeup setting spray (optional if you don’t have any, it will help your look last longer.)


1.  Apply your liquid foundation with your foundation brush or a cosmetic sponge wedge. Blend thoroughly into your hair and jaw lines so there is no makeup line.

2.  Apply liquid foundation to your eyelids and around lip line as well to help set eye shadow and lipstick.

3.  Apply mineral powder foundation all over the face, jaw line, and neck line, blend. Do not put on eye lids or around lip line. Dust all around nose, cheeks and under eyes loosely to catch falling eye makeup.

4.  With a eye liner brush, use the black shadow to line just along the eyelid crease, from the inside corner of eye, around the eyelid crease, arch it out into a cat eye line, then sharply line back into the outside corner of the eye.

5.  Blend the black eye shadow lightly onto the whole lid.

6.  Then put the grey/silver eye shadow all over the inside eye lid coloring in where the black eye shadow line has been drawn.

7.  From the inside corner of each eye, draw a dramatic line outward and up to match the cat eye swoop of the eye shadow, along the base of the upper lashes.

8.  Pick which eye you will draw the spider web on. Then from middle of the eyebrow draw a line at a slant towards the forehead, continue that line in a curve towards the outside parameter of the eye curving around out towards the temple and down, then a sharp slanted line back in to the outside corner of the eye.

9.  Draw circular lines from inside one side of the web, to the other side of the web, putting a good space between the curved lines.

10.                     The going from inside boarder of the web make lines going in towards the eye in a straight line, putting a good space in between lines. And you have your web.

11.                     Draw from the outside corner of the eye, with liner, a squiggly line down towards the cheek. Make it as short or as long as you’d like.

12.                     Draw your spider, as I have done on the end of the web line, or use a spider appliqué.

13.                     Use your silver glitter, being very careful not to get it into the eye, this can be dangerous. All over the blocks of spaces in between lines on the web. Dab a bit of purple crème glitter onto the spiders body.

14.                     Use your black liner to make a line under your lower lash line from outside corner to inside corner.

15.                     Color in your brows with the black eyeliner in their natural arch and shape, blend with a eyebrow brush.

16.                     Use silver crème eye glitter over black liner on lower lash line.

17.                     Then apply mascara, using back and forth motions, starting at the very base of lashes and rolling up at the tips of lashes. Do three coats.

18.                     If you want to use fake lashes, DO NOT put the eye liner or top lids first. Put on the strip lashes with lash glue and a tooth pick very carefully, let dry, then apply liquid black eyeliner. The liner helps cover up the strip line of fake lashes.

19.                     Brush away all the loose powder on nose, cheeks, and under eye until it’s blended in well.

20.                     Now onto lips. Line the lip line with the purple eyeliner and blend in towards inner lip, blending well and evenly.

21.                     Then put the purple crème glitter on top of your lips.

22.                     Spray on the makeup setting spray and you’re ready to go.


I hope you all have enjoyed this tutorial. See you next month with an exciting new makeup idea. It’s art, for the face!


Makeup Art By: Angela Chambers

Model: Alaura Kilgore (Angela’s daughter)

Article Written By: Angela Chambers


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