now that Michael's Craft Store sells black pine garland (at halloween) no black spray painting is necessary anymore.  (but you need to buy it when it goes on clearance after halloween.)

these are my christmas front door decorations:  black 'pine' garland, candy canes,  assorted jack skellyton face stickers, black & silver ribbon and bows and red glittery leaves & red lights, also done on the wreath i made (below.)


 this one has white snowflakes, with spiderweb can glue on the bats you bought at halloween, or the spiders.....i sent a bunch of these out to my gothic friends as surprise gifts one year.

or keep the green wreath and decorate with black ribbon edged in silver. spray those berry branches black & stick in between every other wrap around.  what a find,  purple berries! 

here is a basket full of black/red poinsettias with some pinecones



make your own very simple greeting cards. this one is very basic, it was made with small craft twigs, halloween confetti skulls and the spiderweb ribbon

i made some tree decorations out of these foam shapes that can be bought at craft stores.  the markings were drawn on with fabric paint from a craft store. 

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