"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -  Edmund Burke 

On July 28th, 06 I had the honor of standing along side the most wonderful dedicated servants of the Lord.  Bryan Kemper and the the 2006 Stand True Summer Tour Team.   I was there for just one day, but these folks travel all over on tour and pray in front of abortion mills for the end of abortion.  (For more info on what Stand True does, please visit their wonderful website.) The pictures below are from the MTV protest (the day I was with them).  If you do not know why MTV is being protested, please click the link under the pictures for an eye opening review of what MTV is involved in.






The Invitation from Stand True:

For years MTV has believed that they own this generation and have fed them complete garbage. MTV tries to portray themselves as hip and cutting edge, but they are nothing more than smut peddlers, and their target audience is the youth of America. It is honestly shocking to me that the feminist movement is not outraged by what is spewing out of the screen on MTV. I don't think there is another network that glorifies the objectification of women more than MTV. They treat our young women as nothing more than a commodity as they basically prostitute college students for their profit.


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