"Are there any Christian Goths in my area of the world?"..."Do you know of any churches out there in my area that won't judge me when I walk in?"  These are some of the most frequently asked questions to this site.   If you want to be part of this C.G. Directory (and you are Christian Goth ) follow the directions carefully at the bottom of the page.

   While using this page use discernment of all you come in contact with. Be on guard for scammers sending out fraudulent emails


Emily                             Fairbanks, Alaska

Christina                            Fairbanks, Alaska

Revenwyn                                       Searcy, AR

Elisabeth                        Phoenix Arizona 

 Susan                             Tempe, Arizona

 Lara                          Phoenix ,Arizona

Vanessa                         Tucson, AZ

Steve                       Scottsdale,   AZ

Edmund                                 Tucson, AZ.

Diniece Merie                          Foothills Yuma, Arizona

Rich                                              Mesa AZ

Jennifer                                Bee Branch, Arkansas

Beebe                                 Arkansas

Larke                 Searcy, Arkansas    

Sean                             Searcy, Arkansas

Rachel                             Mobile, Al

Magneto                 Mobile, Alabama   

whispersinyourear          Foley, Alabama

 Luke                           Robertsdale, Alabama      

 Jason                               Cullman, Alabama

Tara                                        Robertsdale, Al.

Bonnie                         Hueytown, Alabama 

Ravyn                           Dothan, AL

UndarkGoth                        Alabama

Chelsey                      Graysville, Alabama

Soulchaser                        Sylacauga,Alabama

Rob and Morria                  Phoenix, AZ             

M. Morria                        Scottsdale, AZ (near old town)

The Vengeance                               Tucson, AZ.

Court                                      Scottsdale, AZ

Walter                                 Flagstaff, Arizona.

Tim                                          Arizona

AsyncritusX             Tucson, AZ             

Lee Anna                           Chandler, AZ

Matthew                                            Phoenix, Az

Feyd                               Tucson, Az

scarecrow                                           Mobile, Al  
Brande                        Remlap (Birmingham)  Al

Justin                            Montgomery, AL

Iris                                  Jasper, Alabama

Johanne                           Tucson, Az

Chris Riley                         Phoenix Az  

Amy                                    Mesa, AZ.

Kanani                                     Phoenix Az.

Dennis (Bono)                            Tucson, AZ

 General                                                    Sydney, Australia.

John                                                     Melbourne, Australia 

Shona                                                 Melbourne, Australia

Mouse                                                 Sydney, Australia

 Emma aka Sniknakh                    Port Pirie, South Australia

EmeraldTears                                   Melbourne, Australia   

 Zuzanny                                     Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

 Tim                                                        Sydney, Australia

RaVeN                                        Albury Wodonga, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA    

Stefan                                                Johannesburg, South Africa

Tamsin                                              Pretoria, South Africa   

Blue Rose                                        Africa (South) Gauteng - Pretoria

 Shane                                            Grahamstown         South Africa 


Violetova Roza                           Pretoria, South Africa
Chris                                                                   Durban south Africa



Don                                                Cape Town, South Africa         

Bloch676                                          Johannesburg South Africa   

Debbie                                                                       Buenos Aires, Argentina   


Lady Jordan                                             Bavaria, Germany and Bristol, TN (live in Bavaria, but visit TN when I go home)

changodarketo                                                   La Paz, Bolivia   

Grace                                                                                 Belgium (Europe)

 Erin                                                              White Rock/Surrey British Columbia     


Irish Knight                                        Sorocaba- BRAZIL

Eimmy                                                                   Brazil

 Santiago                                                      Colombia

Jovanj                                                  San josé, Costa Rica

Isaac_darksorrow777                        San Jose, Costa Rica

Erica                                                 Alta Loma, Ca

Carolina                                               downey ,CA

Meghan                                       Redding, CA
MamaNiteOwla                      Santa Clara, CA

 Viviana                                      Indio, CA

Rob                                    Ridgecrest, Ca

Jenn                                  Southern California

Ayumi Zetsubou                   Fremont, California

Toni                                      Long Beach, CA     

  Seraphica                       Oakland, CA 

Mia                                       Helendale,Ca

Demori                                    Livermore, CA.
Lily Gravekicker                    Dinuba, CA

marguerite                     canyon country CA

Cynetta                        Antelope Valley, CA
Ronna                                  San Diego, CA
Kittenette                          Grass Valley, CA
Lyssie                                    Fairfield, CA
Megan                                   Menifee, CA


Queen Of Veils                  Yucca Valley, CA 

  AdamNation                           Antioch, California   

Kris(ten)                              Piedmont, California

Julie                               San Jose, California

Debbie                     Los Angeles, CA

Skaught                            San Diego, CA

JoAn                              Apple Valley, Ca

Courtney                       Victorville, CA

Jacob                                   San Diego CA

Amy                                           Poway, Ca

Megan                         Santa Clarita, CA     

Alexandria               San Diego CA  

Whitewave                     Ukiah, CA

Hatta                      Scott's Valley, CA  

Rae                           San Leandro, California

Zakk                     Escondido, California

Tom Maher                  Gilroy, California

othniel                           Fullerton, CA     

 Sean                                  Orange County, CA  .        

Shana                                 Ramona,

Jacob                      San Diego CA

Chey                       Victorville, Ca

Alexandria                     San Diego CA

Millicent                          Sacramento CA

KQ                                   Bakersfield, CA

Teresa                          Rocklin, CA

Jennifer "Jay"           Santa Clara, CA / Rocklin, CA for College

 "Doc Kifo".                   Huntington Beach, CA.       

Zillah                            Santa Cruz/La Jolla,

Court                                  Los Angeles/Hollywood      

bernie                              San Diego, CA

Desiree                                Orange, California

Erin                                     Ridgecrest, CA

Elden                                  Graton, CA

Stephany                          Oakdale, Ca

ROSE PANTHER   lovepanther9@aol.com        San Franscisco, CA

Hannah AKA Andi                 Oakdale California.

Caitlin                                Carlsbad, CA

Anastassja                        Toronto, Ontario Canada

Alex                                      Surrey, BC, Canada

Black wido                          Rosetown SK Canada

Black Wido                                   Rosetown Sk Canada

Dave                                     Windsor Ontario Canada

Tyffani                           Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Sarah                                        Niagara Falls, Canada

Levi                               Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Ocker Auslaut                  Surrey BC Canada

Brian                                  Ontairo, Canada

Ian                                              Ontario, Canada

S. Corinne Elizabeth                    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

JC               medicine hat, alberta, Canada

Jesse            Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

Wretch                        Arnes, Mb Canada

Derek                              Spruce Groave Alberta canada

 Ian                                  Onatio, Canada

Kalida                             Alberta Canada

Amber     Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Cameron    Colorado Springs, Colorado

Toulina                               Lakewood, Colorado

Dave                                       Lakewood, CO

Tyler                                        Arvada Colorado

Zephaniah                   Woodland Park, Colorado 

Emily                                          HR, Colorado

Shade the Last Fremen       Colorado Springs, CO

Joe(Josephine)                         Colorado Springs, CO

Mystery                                    Center Colorado

Jaharri                                    Aurora, Colorado 

Kay                                        Del Norte, Colorado

Marvin R. McKim                        Denver, Colorado

Shannon AKA Penguin           New Britain, CT       

Horhey                                 Washington Park, New Castle, Delaware.  

Lunar Blue                          Main Street    Newark, DE

Shaun                                       London, England

Ghosthunter                                       England UK 

Jamsarnies                               Birmingham, England

stephen john          Nuneaton, Near Coventry,

Amy                                              Southern England

VampireArmand                              Norwich, England

Jamsarnies                                 Birmingham, England                 

Darceigh                        England, Walsall (near Birmingham)

Death petal                                 England (london, Essex)

NIGHT-BAT                                   England, Manchester

heavensmetal                   Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

 Sarah                                             North West England

Lurcheous of Moose or Chris                    Derby, England

Alison                                     London, England

Louisa                               Kent, England

Grace                            Belgium (Europe)

Lonely Warrior        lonelyandgothic@aol.com    Europe

Rabner                         Orlando, FL

Chris                                          Orlando, Fl
Shannon                                       Niceville Florida
Harley                                        Florida

Brandi                                          Ft.Lauderdale area, Florida

Jeremy                        Orlando, FL

Mike                                    Sanford, FL
Rayven                               Jacksonville/Orange Park Florida
Zech                                       West Palm Beach, Florida
"LaKeesha"                                              Tampa, FLA.   

Dragon Angel                                Tampa, FL

Echolipse                                Tampa Bay, FL

Lisa                                       winter haven, florida 

Sam                                    Lake Placid, Florida   

Raven’s Eye                                Melbourne FL

 Alex                                         Brandon, FL

Kym                                            Riverview, FL

Cristina                         Ft. Lauderdale Florida  

Jaguar (Jaggie)            Ft. Lauderdale (area), Florida

Robbie                             Jacksonville, Florida

Alfred                                                 Miami, Florida                           

KOle H                                  Hollywood, Florida  

Shane                                           Florida                        

Mary                                            Naples, Florida   

Elizabeth                                       West Palm Beach, Florida

Rev.Thomas Scott Painter          Orange Park (Jacksonville), Florida

Zech                                      West Palm Beach, Florida

Stephanie                                                  Florida 

Ashley                                                       Orlando, FL

Dawn                                                  Naples, Florida    

Joey                                   acksonville, FL


Black Ice                                    Port St John, FL

Kat                                               Jacksonville, Florida

Josh                        Palm Bay, Florida

Amy                             Orange Park (Jacksonville), Florida

Z                                                       Ft.Lauderdale, Florida

josh(jesterx)                                        Largo, FL

Josh(-Hero-)                                              Gainesville, FL

Esther                                                           Florida

Danielle                                                     Pensacola, Florida

Cat Hex                                                  Sarasota, FL

Stephanie                                        Kissimmee/ Orlando, Florida

Susy                                                              Miami, FL   

Jason                                                 Clearwater, FL

Paranormal                                        Melbourne, Florida

Rob                                        Vasa, Finland

Abdiel Riva                             Marietta, Georgia

Raven Silva-Barton                                   Marietta, GA
 Matthew                     Madison, Georgia 

Raven Dark                            Georgia

Ayama                               northwest georgia 

Elisabeth                            Columbus, GA

Elizabeth                             Savannah GA

Stephanie                          Covington,GA

FairyNoj                          Georgia

Perry                         Marietta, GA.

DarkestBeauty                Savannah, Georgia

Jennifer                               Columbus GA

Racheal                                           Atlanta, GA

Werrwulf                             Alpharetta, GA (near Atlanta)

Julie                                       Dallas, GA

Tonya AKA T-Bone                     Auggusta, Georgia

Sheila                            Conyers, Ga.   

Eden                                                  Jasper, GA

RIBDUST                                                  Atlanta, GA.

Renee                                                       Lilburn, Ga

 0blivi0n                                              Columbus, GA.

Voronwe                                                 Atlanta,GA

Ashley                                      Cumming, GA

Jessica GothicPrincess               Grayson, Georgia

BRITNEY                             WEST POINT GA  

Dismas                                 Bochum Germany

blackbrackets                            Escuintla, Guatemala   

Calla                            Bloomington Indiana

Darkling777                    Lebanon IN


TRIP                            Indianapolis, Indiana

Jacqueline                    Plymouth, Indiana

Matthew                              Cambridge City IN

Tori                                 Terre Haute, Indiana

claudia-                                                     sioux city, iowa     

Matt                                                            Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Nate Yates                                  Meridian, Idaho

Shane                                                Lexington, KY   

Mark                                               Bowling Green, KY

Andrew (slug)                                    Louisville,  Kentucky           

Lee                                                      Hitchins, Ky

 Sean                                                  Columbia, KY

Keith                                                   Louisville, KY 

Angie                                         morgantown, kentucky

Melissa                                                     Louisville,KY

logan                                                           Newport, Ky

Andrew                                                  Louisville, Kentucky

Megan                                                       Dawson Springs, KY

Jacquelyn (vamp girl)                         Bowling Green, Kentucky

Fenicx                                                          Lexington,  KY

Taeliwren                                                             Kansas   

the Darkling                                          Hutchinson, KS     

Constantine                                               Kansas  

goth_in_a_corner                               Kansas City, KS              

 Aaron                                                   Olathe, KS

Bethie                                                                 Kansas

Kimberly                                         Kansas City, Kansas

RaydonRaven                             Topeka, KS

Joshua                                         Kansas City, Kansas

Valerie                                             Kansas City, Kansas

 Rhiannon                                          Pittsburg, Kansas     

Taos Moonstalker                                    Wichita, KS

Nicole                                                           Kansas

Sev                                                               Olathe, KS   

Katie                                           Newton, KS

tallen                                  ottumwa, ia 52501

Elijah's Raven                                  Danville, IL

Edmund                              Chicago, IL

John                                           Illinois  

Metamorphosis              Rockford, Illinois

Kristin                               Odell, Illinois

Mellietronx                     Chicago,IL

Ashley                            Bolingbrook, IL    

Richard          Champaign, Illinois                       

Hunter                              Belvidere, IL   

Dave                          Chicago Illinois

Cameron            Rossville, Illinois. 

Dawg                      Rockford, IL

Rogue(Laura)                   Streator/Magnolia IL

yan             Berwyn Illinois, near Chicago

Abigail                                     Peoria, Illinois

Kenneth                    Decatur, IL  

Jordan             Bloomington/Normal IL

Ariel "A.J."            Westville, ILL   

Tiffani                       Oswego, IL

Paul                   Granite City, IL

Mary                     Warrneville, IL    

tiavi                         decatr il

Rob and Morria       Chicago, IL

Frosty                         Peoria, IL

Zach                 Alton, IL / St. Louis, MO

Ashley                               Iowa

courtney                          Iowa 

osh                                   Clive, Iowa

Crymson Bryde                       West Bend, Iowa

Iris Storms                     Clarksville, IN  

 Tyanne                      Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Erika                        Fort Wayne, IN

Simon Blackhawk                    Spencer, IN

Lost Soul                   Brownburg, Indiana

Kim                    Walkerton, Indiana

Alucard                   Veedersburg, In  

Jenni            Indianapolis, Indiana

Shadowfaery3        Lafayette, IN

Chantel                      Lafayette, Indiana

Richie                        Batesville, Indiana  

  Heather                                   Fort Wayne IN  

Chen                            Lafayette, Indiana  

Salem                                  North Judson, IN                  

Mike G.                              Muncie,

Conor                            Northern Ireland (UK)

Roxy                                     Earls Court, London

Florence                                               London, UK

Breanna Paul                Louisiana, Baton Rouge

 Colton                            Lake Charles, Louisiana

Debbi                                    Slidell, Louisiana

tiffany                    frierson,Louisiana    

annasta                                       Louisiana

Chris                                           Covington, LA

Kobe                                                            Houma, La

Samantha                               Pineville, Louisiana (LA)

Shelby                                           Baton Rouge,LA

James                                           Scott, Louisiana (near Lafayette)


Bunny                                               Portland Maine

Delia                                                       Mattapan, MA

Eli                               Wright City, Missouri

Elizabeth                             Joplin, Missouri
Davis                                            Missouri

 Joshua                             Perryville , Missouri

Breann                         Joplin, Missouri.

Brian                           Kansas City, MISSOURI

Bobbijo                           Springfield, Missouri

ScSi_Transfer           Belton, Missouri

Beckie          St. Charles (Louis), Missouri

Brooke                                     Maryland

AAron                                           Abingdon MD.

molly                                               Ellicott city, MD

Reese                           Montgomery Village, Maryland

Brittany                              Denton, MD

Scott                                            Forest Hill, Maryland

Kat                                               Baltimore, Maryland

Pastor David                                  Baltimore, Maryland  

Beth                                         Westminster, Maryland 

Joyful Mourning (               Montgomery County, Maryland 

Lace (male)                                      Warren, Michigan
Wesley                             Rogers City, Michigan

TC Mike                  Roseville (Detroit Metro Area), Michigan

Rebecca                            Houghton, Michigan

Leslie                          Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids Michigan

Kara                                      Charlevoix, Michigan

Abi                             Grand Rapids, MI

Jonez                  Clinton Township  MI    
p MI

Rogue                                               Holland, MI

stevie (i am female)             Sterling Heights, Michigan

Nathan (a.k.a. BlackReaper)               Howard City, Michigan


Ireth                              Bay Shore, Michigan

Cheryn                                                   Michigan

Piecemeal                                     Bedford, Michigan

SilvrLoreena                         Grand Rapids, Michigan

Crystal                                       Canton, Michigan

Matthew                 Haverhill, Massachusetts 

Teresa                                 Massachusetts

Matthew                      Sumrall, Mississippi

Tiffany                              Baldwyn, Mississippi

Casey                             Heidelberg, Miss.

Allison                            Wayne, MI

Kyllienia                                         MI

 Severina                              Ypsilanti, MI.

Marie                          St. Louis Missouri

El                  Saint Louis, Missouri

Kevin                Jackson, Missouri

demonhuntress      Missouri

Stephanie                                  Missouri

Bloodborn Lillium           Missouri    

Cassandra                    Jackson, MS

Addie                         Columbus, MS
Kat                                        Byram, MS  

Sarah                                Ridgeland, MS

Michael                            Raymond, Ms

Anya                      Minneapolis, MN  

Setsuki                     Minneapolis, MN

Lobo Loco de Montana          Belt, Montana

Michael                          Joplin, Mo.

Bre                               Billings, Montana

Veronica                Great Falls, Montana

Carrie/Christian Goth Girl        St. Louis, Mo.


Kat                                 St. Louis County, MO

Amono                   Washington, MO   

Miranda                             Greenfield, MO

Nichole                    Cape Girardeau, MO
AprilStarr                 Columbia,

Matt                        Springfield MO


Valczir                            St. Paul, MN and Cushing, MN

Bethea                              Hickory,North Carolina

Elisabeth                       Stokes County, North Carolina

Kim                                         Catawba County in North Carolina

Jennifer                                    High Point, North Carolina

Tom                                                Havelock, NC

Amanda                                     Wilkesboro, NC.         

Melissa                                    Bryson City,
North Carolina

Scott                                NC.

Pastor Aaron                  Winston Salem, (northern davidson county) North Carolina

Bat Nuklier                                 Charlotte, North Carolina

Phil (or Shadow Poet)            Raleigh, NC

Armand                                   Apex/Cary, NC     

becca                                  canton, north caroilna   

Jennifer            High Point North Carolina

DayWalker                     Raliegh NC

Steve                                Raleigh, NC 

Holly              Raleigh, North Carolina

Fuelie                                  Raleigh, NC

Tara                                  Elon, NC                                                               

Nate                                                       Auckland, New Zealand

Sheila                                                              Roswell, New Mexico

Ro  (please include a relevant subject)    Albuquerque, New Mexico

BloodAngel                                                 Alto, New Mexico

angela, the butterfly                                              mexico                       

Stefanie                             Santa Fe, NM

Kara                      Elmira,NY

Emily                          Horseheads, New York

Frank                                   Long Island, NY

Thorn                              Salem, New York  

Gothic sweet                      New York

jaYmz                              Ballston Spa, NY

Freya                                Wappingers Falls, NY.

  Tara                  Amherst, New York 

Kevin                             E. Rochester, New York 

Gabriel Leal-Ramirez               NYC, New York

Timothy                           Olean,
New York

Ramona                                  Brooklyn, NY           

Plastiko                                       Buffalo, NY

 Chaos Omega                          Brooklyn, NY  

marissa                                     Buffalo ,NY        

Nefertiri                                Bronx, New York

Derrick AKA D.                                Nashua, New Hamphire

Crystal                                    Manchester, New Hampshire

Joliemode                                             Clifton,New Jersey

Firebird harvest                                   Middlesex, NJ , New Jersey

Michaela                                              New Jersey  

Dark Sorrows                Montclair, New Jersey

Gary                                Jackson, New Jersey

 Blackstar                           Woodstown, New Jersey     

Julie                                                      New Jersey   

Scandi                                 Reno Nevada

Angel                            Sun Valley, Nevada : Near Reno

Rahne                                            Henderson, Nevada

Natalie                                    Las Vegas, Nevada

Alfred                                     Reno, Nevada
Warhammer300                      Omaha,

Enelya                              Nebraska 

DemaCat                       Plattsmouth, Nebraska 

Solitaire                                 Omaha, NE

NecRoSarX                           Fremont, NE    

Scandi                                              Forsand, N o r w a y

Morten                                         André Stord, Norway

darkpreacher                            Hague, south of holland, The Netherlands

Damian Tilenus                                    Colcord, Oklahoma


Shuna                                              Peggs, Oklahoma

Jared "Requiem"                 Oklahoma  

Amanda                     Miami, Oklahoma

Daniel                          Cache, OK

 Sasuke                          Vinita,Ok

Sparky                  Broken Arrow, OK

Star           Wagnor, Oklahoma

Armoth Ecanus                  Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Shadow              Tulsa, Oklahoma

spacegoth                            Portland, Oregon

Sarah                            Bend, OR

Heather                        Beaverton, Oregon

Josie/Josette the Black Pearl                           Molalla, Oregon

Ryan                          Portland, Oregon

Beth                                  Oregon

Dr. Raven                        Eugene, Oregon.

Lee Douglas        Cincinnati, Ohio   

Mitchell                      Washington-Oregon

Lotus13sapphires@gmail,com           Bend, Or

Joe                                         Canton, Ohio  

Justin                            Lakewood, OH


Neversleep                  Plain City, OH

Diedra                        Logan County, OH

logan                                cincinnati, oh

Blackrose                       Columbus, Ohio

darkestknight                mansfield, ohio   

xerxes                                   Barberton, Ohio

GothicPrincess                        Millersburg, OH

Megan                                      Coshocton Ohio

Nathan                                   Troy, Ohio

Dan B.         Columbus, OH        
Tabitha        Columbus, Ohio   

Deidra                                      Maumee, Ohio.

Matheu                                       Cleveland, Ohio

Jennifer & Curtis H.    Bowling Green, Ohio.

Megan                      Ross/Hamilton, Ohio.

Angela & Jason                   Miamisburg, Ohio

Charles                          Fostoria,    Ohio

Joey                                Minford, Ohio

Terry                             Sciotoville, Ohio

Charlie                               Piqua, Ohio

Tagg                      Ceveland Ohio

Rick                                  Mansfield, Ohio 

Brandon Birt                   Columbus,

Knightmare                           Columbus, Ohio

Crimson and Nightshade         Dublin, Ohio  

Razorache                        Belpre, Ohio

Mishaell                            Dayton, Ohio

Brittany                       Cincinnati, Ohio  

bryce                                   defiance, ohio

Rebecca                        Dayton, Ohio       

Mementa                                          Poznañ, Poland

OddChild                                       Bethlehem, Palestine

Val                                                      Pittsburgh, PA

Jamie                                                Philadelphia PA 

suzanne                                             Pennsylvania

topher                                            scranton, pa 

Sarah "Ember"                              State College PA

Charmagne              Philadelphia Pennsylvania   

Vassilissa                State College, Pennsylvania      

Sarah "Phantom"                   Philadelphia,  PA 

Shawn                               blairsville,  pa.  

Peggy                                      Mount Pleasant, PA

Mary                                         Gap, Pennsylvania

the mudgopher       Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Gretel                                  Lancaster,

Tamara                               Johnstown Pa.

William                             Mountiantop, Pennsylvania

 Brad                                          Shippensburg, Pennsylvania         

The Woodsman                    North of Scranton, PA

AMELIE                                     INDIANA, PA.             

Alana                                       Pennsylvania

Kay                                                           Puerto Rico

 Poky                                       Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Gabriel                                       Bayamon, Puerto Rico

David Sanchez (CrossChild)              Carolina, Puerto Rico

Edwin                                                  Puerto Rico

Kymill                                        Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

White Dragon                        Toa Alta, Puerto Rico

Ghel                                                           Manila, Philippines  

Lucian                         Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines    

Sarah W.                                            Saunderstown, Rhode Island

Eliza                                 Suceava,Romania

Alter & Lynn                                            Moscow, Russia

Shadow                                   Osan Air Base in South Korea. (little south of Seoul)

Cassandra                                  Yongsan Army Base, South Korea

María Cáceres                              Spain  

North Goth                             Umea, Sweden & occassionally Columbia South Carolina

Bat Nuklier                                           Columbia, SC 

Johannes                                                Sweden

Laughlyn                                                        Sweden           

Rachel                                         Dechmont, Scotland, UK    

 Wednesday                           Glenrothes, Scotland

Violetova Roza                           Pretoria, South Africa
Chris                                                                   Durban south Africa

Caroline                                               South Africa

Maxrintia                       ohannesburg Springs, South Africa

Tamsin                                  Pretoria, South Africa

Van Deventer                           South Africa, Kwazulu Natal

Ignatius Marais                                        South Africa, Witbank

Silent Voice                            Pretoria, South Africa

Maxrintia                              Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Stefan    stefan-k@live.com     Johannesburg, South Africa


Shay                                   Cape Town, South Africa

Anna                                               South Carolina

Mary                                             Charleston, South Carolina

eliza                              rock hill, South Carolina

Suzy(Riot)                           Seneca, SC

Noj                              Greer, South Carolina      

johnny                         swansea, south carolina 

Mae-Lyn                     South Carolina, Greenville

Adamas                             Greenville, South Carolina

Joshua "Chaff"                             Simpsonville, South Carolina

Heather                                           South Carolina

Chris (Crispy)            Greenville, South Carolina

Tom Lewis                         Ruffin, South Carolina

Corvina Riqizdauhter                       Camden, SC

Rosa Black                                Pine Ridge, SC

Muriel                          Darlington, South Carolina  

Amanda                   South Carolina

Jonathan                     Lake Wylie , South Carolina

Raven Shadowwinds                Gaston , SC

Jesse (Neo)                                                 Yankton, SD

ravendecember777                                   Lead, SD

Gotiko                                  San Angelo, Texas

Leigh Anne                            Lewisville, Texas

Pandora                                    Lubbock, TX


Living Martyr                                Temple, TX


BrAshoftheHolyBloodbellieveit@gmail.com        Midlothian, Texas


Jerodian / Agent Black                      Odessa, Texas


Monique                              Conroe, Tx 

Leia                                         Fort Worth Texas

Jazz                                      Fort Worth, Tx  

Endrance                                Houston, Texas

Toby                               Fort Worth, Texas 

Rebel                           Ft Worth,Texas


 Jessamyn                           Whitney, Texas

Jesse                                    El Paso, Texas

Silvertounge                           Houston, Texas


Adriana                             Brownsville,

Universal Monster 4 Jesus                   Lufkin, TX

Holle                                                 Texas

MentalChick                            Littlefield, TX       

Donny                                                        Tyler Texas

Samara                                  Burleson TX

Crystal                                      Austin,Texas

eriKa                                     El Paso, Texas

John                                   Woodville, Texas   

Katie                                        Midland, Texas   

Sarah                                    el paso , Texas 

Aaron                                            Midland TX

Stephen                                   Austin, Texas

Valerian                             San Antonio,Texas

Griselda                                 Houston, Texas     

Chris                                    Crowley, Texas south of Fort Worth,

Kayla                                      Crowly, Texas  (Tyler area)

Priscilla                                       Dallas TX     

Melissa                           Close to Tyler, Texas

The Rose Phantom       Lubbock, Texas

Krysta                                     Hawkins, Tx  (near Tyler)

Josiah                         Fort Worth, Texas  off of crowley and altamesa.

Justus Cain          GardenValley (Tyler area) Texas

Josh                               Katy(5 minutes west of houston) Texas.

michelle                     San Antonio, Texas

Elizabeth                           San Antonio, Texas

Mickey(Voltaire)                          Texarkana,Texas

Chloe                                 San Angelo, Texas

Moses                          Hitchcock Texas

Brandon                 Port Neches (near Beaumont), Texas

Shanna                                      Houston TX   

Korie                         Austin, Texas     

   Jason                   Ft Hood, TX

Tami                                  Amarillo, TX   

Michelle                       Carrollton, Texas        

John                                       San Angelo, Texas     

Kristen                                    DALLAS,TX   

Nethaneel                                     Houston Tx.

Michelle                                              Houston,Texas

Black Rose                      Nassau Bay, Next to Houston Texas

Mannan                               Dallas, TX. 

Kim                                              Denton,TX

Bryde                                        Dallas,

Wander                              Austin, TX for now

Brandi                             Nacogdoches, Texas

Rachel                                                 Plano, Texas

T0R M3NT4L                         Dallas, Texas

R.D.                                      Dawson Texas

Ryker                                        Amarillo, Texas

Philip                                             Memphis, TN 

La Mer                              Oak Ridge, TN

Micah                                 Knoxville,Tennessee

Sarah                                      Gatlinburg, Tennessee

  Sai                                          Nashville, TN       

Amy                                    Cookeville,

Leighanne                                  Lebanon, TN

Rev. Ben Moore                   Smyrna, TN

Esther                                        Knoxville, TN

Erin                                             Nashville, Tennessee

Moonwalker                                  Humboldt, Tennessee

Winter                                          Alcoa TN

baker watkins                                 Franklin TN

Rachel                                 Bartlett, Tennessee

pork chop                          oakland, tennessee

SilentConversation (Gerri)          Hermitage, Tennessee

Silver                               Memphis,

Miah                        West Knoxville, TN    

Crimson Tears            Elizabethton, TN.

Mark The Raven            Knoxville, Tennessee

Black angel                              Workington Cumbria UK

heavensmetal                   Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Craig                         Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Gareth                                          Thamesmead, Kent ,UK

hannah                                                oxford in the uk

Florence                                                       London, UK

Grace                                   Belgium (Europe)

RandomGoth                                  Morpeth, Northumbeland UK  

Sci-Fi Steve                Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England, UK

Sarah                                               Lancashire, UK

Conor                                        Northern Ireland (UK)

Carisa Lee                                         Ogden, Utah

Kyrie Joy                                             Ogden, Utah

Ian                                                        Caracas, Venezuela

Blackbird                          Clifton, VA.

David                                              Henrico, VA

Lectra                               Falls church, VA

Marty                       Virginia Beach, Virginia

Mary Lou                                  Smithfield, VA

DM                           virginia beach, Virginia 

Joy                     Chesapeake, Virginia    

Shaun                                   Woodbridge, Virginia

Rhee                                                         VA 

Gothic Rose                                Cana, VA  

Amber                                   Pound, Va

Deloris                        Saltville, Va      

Carrie                                   Ashburn, Virginia

Anna                             winchester virginia

Steve                                 Sterling, Virginia     

FneralxOfxHearts            Winchester, Virginia   

Rae                               Front Royal, Virginia

Sara                           Virginia Beach, Virginia

charles                                 Va Beach,   Va

Kristan                             Chesterfield, VA

Steve                              King & Queen , VA

Amanda                      Annandale, VA

Jeff                                                                Richlands, Va

Joshua Slaughter or 2 Uneekunusually        Virginia Beach, Virginia

Woulfeblade                     Centreville, Virginia

ArchaicSmile (Nikki)               Richmond, Virginia

Rachel (Ebony)                        Monterey, Virginia

Michael                                      Parkersburg, WV

Tiffany                               Mercer County, West Virginia

Courtney                           West Virginia

SIR STRYPER                        West Virginia

Jaime                                     Beckley, WV

BlackRose                                    Wales

Lord of Freaks                               Lakewood, WA
Izzy                               Port angeles, Washington
Brenda P                                           Vancouver, WA

Logan                                    Centralia, Washington

Alisha                                              Graham, WA  

Mike                                  Kennewick Washington

White Raven                          Gig Harbor, WA

Lirielle                                Kelso, Washington

dread champions                   seattle, washington

Richard                 Bellingham, Washington      

Mitchell                      Washington-Oregon

"Eboni"                              Gig Harbor,  WA

Kalen                               Laconner,Washington

Jon                                 Walla Walla, Wa.

Shade Velvet                                        Spokane, WA     

Maria                                     Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Maria/Thy_Banshee       Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Angelique                          Delavan, Wisconsin

Pakou                      Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Biker Goth                          Tomahawk, WI

Tom_slasheon                        Cameron, Wisconsin 


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