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Amazon.com's Book Description:  These startling accounts reveal life lessons from long-gone, famous and infamous Bible characters.  Read their last words, their causes of death, bizarre facts, statistics, modern-day epitaphs.

You’ll bump into: Moses (Abra Cadaver) Athaliah (Black Widow) Enoch (The Undead) Esther (If Looks Could Kill) . . . and more!  What you learn about their deaths could change your life!

About the Author:
Lynn Lusby Pratt has worked with teenagers for the past 15 years. A former missionary to Japan, Lynn has written for numerous publications and age levels and is the author of Debt Free College-We Did It! She is the mother of three grown children.

Each new contest item on this page will have a Bible question that you answer in your entry.

Your contest question: According to Matthew 22:37 and 38, what is the Greatest Commandment? 

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