I go to a church in Homer, New York... 'First Baptist Church of Homer'.  Recently the last two years or so, we took a deep look at who Jesus really was, and like you say, we try to act like Christ, not what people think Christians should be.  Sure, some people will look at you funny... They look at me funny too, but Pastor Bob (Kleecan) is the nicest guy I have ever met, and if you say 'Hi' he'll shake your hand and smile...for real.  ~Mike

The Underground Church, New York City, NY  <--webpage   Underground Church, NYC is a grassroots ministry founded over a year ago with the vision of bringing the light and hope of Christ to the rejected and outcast in New York City. We currently operate in the East Village / Lower East Side area and our programs include evangelistic outreach, homeless ministries, a weekly prayer and praise service as well as fellowship.

The West Hebron United Presbyterian Church ~in Salem, New York "is very friendly, welcoming, and understanding. It is a real community and my second family."  ~Thorn

The Lighthouse Church of God in Mexico, New York - this church is charismatic and goth friendly

The Wesleyan Church of Hamburg in Hamburg , N Y - i've been going to this church for over a year and it is one of the most accepting churches that i've ever been to. they accept any type of person. Also if you are in middle school, high school, or college u go to this thing called The Hub. it belongs to the church and is right behind it.     www.thehubsite.com

Oasis - www.oasis-cf.net as a goth friendly church in the Rochester, New York  area.

The Church of Grace and Peace   Toms River, NJ - excellent Bible teaching, check out the web site for times of services. (This is the church that Lady Michaela attends.)

The Church of Grace and Peace Cutting Edge Youth Group Toms River, NJ


They have recently changed their name, it is not SonRise anymore - meets at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings at the Citta Elementary school cafeteria on Route 9 in Toms River, New Jersey EXTREMELY Goth Friendly!  [Lady Michaela can definitely verify that!] for directions click on website....they  would LOVE to see you there!  

 Calvary Chapel Old Bridge  <---click   123 White Oak Lane  Suite 216  Old Bridge, NJ 08857  (732) 679-9222  service times: Saturday 6:00 pm   Sunday  8:15a.m., 10:00a.m. & 11:59 a.m.  Wednesday 7:30 p.m.  click on website for more info and directions.  To hear actual teachings by Pastor Lloyd Pulley click here -->  BRIDGING THE GAP   Lady Michaela: "I listen to Pastor Lloyd every Sunday morning when my alarm goes off....I could listen to this guy for hours, THAT is how wonderful his teaching is!"  new page on the main menu will have teachings by him that you can listen to.

   http://www.newbeginningsnj.org/ - Brick, NJ   236 Brick Blvd. Brick, NJ 08723  732.451.0777 -  John Peterson - Youth Pastor   New Beginnings Christian Church -- Oneighty Teen Center   236 Brick Blvd. Brick, New Jersey  08723    e mail - johnoneighty@aol.com  This is a teen church in brick, NJ - ages 13-17  we are accepting of all teens no matter what their background is or style.  our address is www.180brick.com   We also have a young adult ministry in the same facility - ages 18-26  Penuel -www.face2facebrick.com     Brick has a lot of Goth's and we want to see them in our doors.

Javier, I attend New Wine Restoration Center, located on 27-29 Lincoln park, Newark, New Jersey, and this church is Goth friendly.   We believe in receiving everyone who comes through the doors, just the way they are. 
We have services in Spanish every Sunday @ 1:30pm, but every Thursdays @ 8pm we have discipleship classes in English and Spanish.

Vineland First Church Of the Nazerine  Its in Vineland south Jersey on delsey drive
I personally am goth and I go to this church I am not the only one and goths along with punks preps and every walk of life are excepted you could walk in as a hore and everyone would greet you with a genuine smile and really be truely happy to see you, they love you before you walk through the door they are the best church family I have ever had, they are more then a church family they are a family, they accept everyone.


Very open church, open to all styles and walks of life!  Unfailing Love Ministries / Unfailing Love Fellowship 
500 Neptune Blvd, Neptune Township, New Jersey 07753
Website: UnfailingLoveMinistries.com
"Unfailing Love Fellowship is a vibrant non-denominational church located in Neptune, NJ. People come here from all walks of life to experience the LOVE of God! Think you wonít belong here? Think again."

New Jersey, Teterboro.  North Jersey Vineyard  www.northjerseyvineyard.org   I have been going to njv for 2 years and though no one else looks like me, I have been accepted and encouraged to be just the way I am. It started out with me going every Sunday, but it is so good there, I go to a life group every night and volunteer regularly. There are three sermons in the morning 9:00, 10:35, 12:15. The worship is really powerful and ranges from acoustic guitar to rocked out versions of hymns and worship music. The sermons are easy to follow and apply to real life. The Vineyard church was started by hippies, because they were rejected by the churches of their day. There aren"t hippies anymore, but they have me and anyone else who loves Jesus.

New Jersey, Woodland Park (formerly known as West Paterson) Kings Gate Church This is a church of true freedom. The current time it starts is 10:00 for English, and 1:00 for Spanish. The worship time is nice and long, there is dancing, flagging, shouting, all forms of worship are welcome. Pastors David and Denise Greco are very loving and care about each individual who walks through the doors. The messages are encouraging and speak life. This is a church where your relationship with Jesus is important. Come and be loved.



 Kingdom Life Christian Church    1455 Naugatuck Avenue, Milford, CT 06460
I-95 North or South to Exit 36 (Plains Road). North, take left at end of ramp. South, take right at end of ramp. Go 1/2 mile. The Cathedral is on the left.   "WE HAVE 2 goths in our YOUTH GROUP, AND THEY ARE NOT TURNED AWAY. WE HAVE GREAT YOUTH LEADER'S WHO ACCEPT ANYONE, JUST THE WAY IT SHOULD BE, OUR CHURCH TURNS NO ONE DOWN." from Brad.  If you have any questions, email Brad at:  Brada53@aol.com


DARKFIRE DELIVERANCE is an underground warrior/prayer/ministry.... with missions to change the texture of the city and nation and believers and non believers...... tearing down strongholds of the dark forces/demons and  the devil who is killing and shrouding our world with lies.   For more info, Their email:  beautyandpain@hotmail.com   San Francisco, CA


new - Reedemer's Church   www.Reedleyfbc.com  
819 West Parlier Avenue  Reedley, CA 93654  We're all on this journey of becoming in Christ who He died to make us ....and in that journey this is a safe place to belong.

 you've got to check out their very cool video on their website!  

"If all the standard answers aren't enough...If you previously tried it and it didn't work...
If you're tired of adjusting to other people's definition of spirituality...If you don't fit the mold, but your deepest desire is to know God more...
Reedemer's Church is a Place You Can Belong."

The College and Career group that I attend is very Goth Friendly.  We meet Thursday nights at 7pm in the Cornerstone building right off of Beach Blvd. between Utica and Adams.  You can call 714-227-0803 for directions.  We also meet on Sundays at 10am. 
The church is Evangelical Free Church of Huntington Beach, CA (http://www.efchb.org/) .  The college pastor just published his first book and has his own website.  http://takethenarrowroad.com/


Victorville Nazarene Chruch, Victorville, CA  Pasotr Mike, Youth Pastor serpenthunter1@gmail

Free Methodist Church in Hayward, CA   

 Yuba City, CA. Our church will NOT judge any Goth Christians.  We have several in our youth group already.  We are a large church for our area.  We average around 2,200 on Sunday morning (4 services) and around 500 in our high school youth service on Wednesday evenings.
Dan Bagley
Yuba City Church of the Nazarene


Living Word Fellowship  non denominational  very open and full of Christ
Tully RD Modesto CA  services @ 2:00 pm Sundays

Colton First Baptist Church in Colton which is very welcoming to anyone who wants to attend.  There is also a large youth program.  The contemporary services are at 8, 9:15, and 10:30.  There is also the Sunday Remix with more alternative/modern music at 10:15 and 6pm.

Bethany Church in West Covina, CA (<---website) This church does not judge you for how you look, or anything for that matter. 
I know this first hand as this is Rick from The Last Dance, and I have worked there when not on tour for over 9 years now.  Just last weekend I played a show in Mexico on a Saturday night, and was held up at the border so I was forced to drive straight to the church after the show instead of going home, showing up there in my goth style stage clothes, all the make-up, crazy hair, etc...and they only thought it was cool...calling me silly for staying up all night to get there, but were appreciative.. 
For the record The Last Dance is not a Christian band by definition, we are just a band who plays music from what is real to us...Bethany respects that and has allowed us to record all of our albums there as well. 
It is a Christian church, not a goth church, with an emphasis on openness, love and worship through music. the website is http://bethanyonline.net
 cheers.. Rick of The Last Dance.  (Thank you Rick, for that testimony of Bethany Church) C.G. com

I attend Cypress Church in Cypress, CA my church is very freindly and don't mind Christain Goths (that speaks for the majority of the people any way) If you want to go to the youth group you can go on Tuesday nights (few adults) from about 6:40-7:00ish PM to about 9:00 PM or on sunday mornings at 10:30, if your in college the Youth night is Thursday and I don't now the times, or you can go to the main service on Sunday at 8:45 or 10:30 AM.  The Church web site is www.cypresschurch.net

There is a church out here called The Movement in San Marcos, CA. (<---website)  Youth group meets at 7:00 PM Wednesday nights.  more   ~Zakk

I attend Saddleback Church in Orange, California, which is very welcoming to anyone, and we even have an alternative music venue which is pretty good. The website  is www.saddlebackfamily.com

I am the youth Pastor at Magalia Pines Baptist Church in Magalia CA. (<---website)   We are a growing mountian town of about 18,000.  We have a suprisingly large population of youth in our area and a lot of them are goth.  We have several goth teens coming to our youth group.  I would like to welcome any christian goth or goth youth from paradise or magalia to our youth group.  It's a great thing that your doing, by providing a site for those that are christian but express themselves differently. ~Samuel Obadiah Walker
I go to a very awesome church, very accepting, and a very cool and funny pastor, who is also the youth pastor. He used to be a youth leader when his dad was pastor, so he's really good with the young people. Its kinda small, but really friendly, and everyone loves my little neo-victorian goth girl attire. We don't have a website, but the name of our church is
New Life Assembly National City, CA  in case anyone happens to be in the area.   ~Aluralas

 The youth group that I attend at Pasadena Foursquare (<---website) CA is friendly to everyone that is interested in knowing God (regardless of whether you already know Him, dress like a Goth, have different music tastes, ect). Everyone in the area is welcome to attend. There is the Sunday service at 9 and 11 am http://pasadena4square.org/, youth group http://www.pasadena4square.org/elisha/main.html or main service on Wednesday nights at 7-8 pm, and "No Future Cafe" on Friday nights from 8-11pm http://www.nofuturecafe.com/. Just check out the websites for more info!   Thank you...    :)

All Saints' Episcopal Church, Hillcrest
Sixth & Pennsylvania, San Diego,
CA 92103

Email: rector@allsaintschurch.org
Website: www.allsaintschurch.org
High Mass Sundays 10 am
Trad music & ritual

California marguerite canyon country heart of the canyons www.heartofthecanyons.com


ValleyView in Enlgewood, OH. it isn't a goth church, but ValleyView is accepting of ANYONE and EVERYONE. the sunday service (currently our only one) starts at 10:00am. i have never once found a church more accepting and loving than ValleyView. (located at:  410 North Main St. Enlgewood, OH 45322) it's a red brick building next to a small open field (with a few trees - that have a reputation for making it semi-difficult to find). any questions, i'll do my best to answer them ( vampiricbluerose@gmail.com).


NEW -     My name is Kevin, and I know of a great God-exalting, Christ-Centered, and Joy-filled Christian Church in Ohio, which warmly welcomes Christian Goths and people from all cultures and backgrounds. The name of the Church is "Ohio Valley Church" (www.ohiovalleychurch.com). I know this by the word of the pastor (of the Church), Mike Cleveland (mikec@ohiovalleychurch.org), who is an awesome man of God, coordinator and founder of "Setting Captives Free" Ministry that reaches and helps thousands of people around the world to overcome their sins, addictions and conflicts. This man and his Church have their arms open to anyone who wants to go, including Christian Goths (they have even been praying so they will come to the Church!). I urge and strongly recommend any Goth near Ohio or anywhere in US and the world to visit his church, as they will be accepted as they are, as Jesus accepts everyone. Here are the directions:  Cloverleaf Recreation Center      8525 Friendsville Road      Lodi, OH 44254

i also urge anyone who has problems with sexual addiction, alcoholic addiction, food addiction, sexual insecurity (homosexuality), or anyone who is looking for God's help, word and/or knowledge to visit this Church or visit www.settingcaptivesfree.com , and I assure you, your lives could be radically changed, for God's Glory!     If you have any questions or comments to me, my email is  mailserverbot009_adm@yahoo.com , a current course member from Setting Captives Free, walking to the Light of Christ.


Family Christian Center (<---webpage)in Defiance, Ohio is an awesome church. Everyone is
down to earth and real and non-judgmental. Everyone is cool. People wear
what they want. If you want to wear a suit fine, if you want to wear a
trench coat with a big anarchy symbol fine. It's a great church that's
really on fire for Jesus. ~Mia~ 

victoriousliving in Grove City, Ohio. Accepts and loves people as they are. On fire Christians that want to learn about God. Come as you
are. Moment youth...All Goths accepted

Goth-Friendly Church:  White Oak Christian Church Cincinnati, Ohio

in Bowling Green, Ohio.  Broken Chains Church
This church is geared toward goths, freaks, metalheads & college students.   Pastored by Bob Lamb (former drummer of Fervant Knight.)  We are located at 123 E. Court Street in downtown Bowling Green.  Any questions (or direction needs) email: MessiahsMisfit73@aol.com or call: 419-810-5122.

I do attend a goth friendly church... There's just not any gothic people but me. My youth minister showed me this site cuz he knows I'm into the style, and he said I should check out the site. I read stuff on the site and fell in love with it... But anyways... I attend Ross Christian Church in
Ohio. They accpect everyone. ~Megan~

We (Angela & Jason) are co youth leaders at The Chapel of Miami Valley in Franklin, Ohio.
Our church has an incredible coffee house and we're in charge of inviting the goths to come to the youth group or to the church at all.  If you live in the area and are looking for an awesome goth friendly church then check us out.  email for directions.  Whitewashed@msn.com

I attend Paradox church In Toledo Oh, ( www.pdox.org) which is excepting of all who walk in the doors.

Apostolic Church of Barberton Ohio    www.apostolicchurch.com     great church, come and acceptance is sure, trust me

VERY GOTH FRIENDLY CHURCH: Morning Star Friends Church Youth Pastor: Clayton Kovats Cleveland, Ohio

*We are not a "goth" church, but goths are definitely welcome in our church, myself being a former goth from years ago!  We would love to have people from all walks of life come into our church to freely worship our King, Jesus Christ!    Steve Young - pastor of the Vineyard (<--website) - a pretty good church in Canton, Ohio

Upper Room Mimistries (<--website)  Oakhill, Ohio
Very friendly and non-judgemental church come as you are.  You will be loved 
You will find a link to Upper Room at www.hippie-life.com


family christian center (fcc)   location: definace, ohio   website: http://fccenter.net/
Columbus, Ohio   -    Generation Actz.  is independent, interdenominational, and goth-friendly. 



New Generation Ministries - (Conveniently located at 52 Beechwood Drive; off Timberlake Rd. across from Country Cookin in Lynchburg, Virginia.)    I go to this church, most of the teens are hardcore or goth with an emo kid or two. the leaders are great and Godly! we gladly invite ne one, but most hip hop people and preps may not feel to comfortable. ~John (HeavyMetalPastor)~

New Life Christian Church (<---website)  in Centreville, Virginia along with a second campus in Sterling, VA is Goth friendly we have many goth teens in our area.

New Life Christian Fellowship in Virginia Beach, Virginia - "non judgmental, very friendly, pretty much all around Jesus freaks" ~ Marty

Dynamic Life Praise and Worship Center    (<---click)  Front Royal, Virginia

McLean Bible Church  (<--website)  McLean, VA
Two member just started a ministry through this church focused on Goth.  Rick and Layla, there is nothing on the website about this yet, because it just got the go ahead.

Well, I go to a church called First Church of God  (<--website)  in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The website is www.fcgvb.com
I'm a Christian, but not a goth (I love your site though :) - but I think my church is a really welcoming, loving, friendly place that would be open to all sorts of people, including goths.
So, I guess if you were looking for another church to add to your directory, my church might be a good one. But like I said, I'm not a goth, so I don't know if you would want to or not. But I figured I would offer it anyway.
Have a nice day.

Dale City Baptist Dale City, Virginia
They're pretty goth friendly.  They might stare a little, but they don't
judge you, and they warm up to you quick.

Lake Wylie, South Carolina, Christian Assembly Church  is one of the most accepting churches i've ever been to at least in
the teen group

True Life Chruch  (<--website)   2830 Wade Hampton Blvd.   Taylors, South Carolina 29687

I am the youth and childrens minister at Grove Road Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina. Location is 1223 Grove Road, it is in between the Greenville Memorial Hospital and White Horse Road.  The phone number is 864-233-5501.  We have a van ministry also available for those who need a ride to church.  My email is happyday22297@yahoo.com. 

United Assembly of God  (<--website)   Seneca, SC

i have a great church and yes it is goth friendly in fact im goth sort of well our church name is FELLOWSHIP OF PRAISE its in Santee South Carolina

There is a Church in Greer, SC Celebration Church on Wade Hamton Blv. I know
the pastor There his name is Pastor Patrick Chapman, a very loving and open
hearted man. I know he would welcome goth's in his church. -Hero-

My church, Mauldin United Methodist Church in Greenville, South Carolina, will be starting a contemporary service around   (Sept. 19th)  There will be a live band and the aim of the contemporary service will be toward teens through young adults (twenty/thirty somethings).  I can give you more information if you are interested, and anyone that you know in my area can contact me (I am a member of the church that will be helping out with the sound system).  Just thought you'd be interested to know. ~ Franklin fbrobertson@charter.net   The service will be located in the back of the church's property in the gym (the stand alone building in the back), not in the main sanctuary which is at the front of the church.  The contemporary service starts at 11 and goes on about an hour.  Like I said, anyone interested can email me for more info.

Tidal Creek Fellowship Lady's Island,SC

Brushy Creek Babtist Church in South Carolina is a pretty cool church.

NEW   We are planting a Church in Hickory, NC, an extension church of one already listed in the directory. Christ Alive Downtown is very goth friendly and is friendly to all subcultures. Our website is www.christalivedowntown.com and we are going to be launching in 2010.

High Point, NC area   His Laboring Few

Bethlehem Reformed 8115 Old Lexington Road, Winston Salem, North Carolina   27107.   (actually in northern davidson county)  Pastor Aaron once was a goth, so feel totally comfortable visiting!

All about my *Goth Friendly* Church:
Christ Alive Church in Newton (we are a charismatic pentecostal church)
*Location of Church:
Shuford Area in North Carolina
*Info: My church is awesome and very cool. We sing upbeat songs and we are goth friendly. We do not discriminate agianst anyone!!! The pastor is nice and has messages that are not directed towards people sitting in the congregation. I wish more goths went to our church cuz I think we would be more diverse.
I go to church at Asbury United Methodist Church I live in Huntersville, NC

Asbury United Methodist Church I live in Huntersville, NC
NEW -  Victory Chapel Christian Center, Havelock, NC  On the corner of Charles and Webb (turn at the Expressway on 70)
As a note, It apalls me that this is a necessity to have a list of Churches that will accept anyone.  The Church is for the lost people, not just for people who look like they are saved, if you onlly let people in your Church that are dressed up, You will miss most of the un-Churched community.  I would dare to say that churches who don't accept different looking people have completely missed the mark which we all know is the definition of sin. 
Another note.  If anyone out there would go to a Church that is Christian Fellowship Ministries, they would be accepted.  I was led to Christ at one of these Churches in 2001 while I was in the Marine Corps.   The people are friendly ands loving.  Look for "The Victory Chapel, The Door, and The Potter's House,"  Please also note that you must be careful to look for Christian Fellowship Ministries.  The symbol of this will be a globe on fire.  I know that TD Jakes has adopted the name of Potter's House on his ministry, but I can't vouch for these Churches, only Christian Fellowship Ministries.  Thank you, Tom Lawrence    rock_928@yahoo.com

i am the Racheal  that goes to the Vineyard Church in Atl. Another good church that i used to go to before i came here is: First Assembly Of God, Franklin, NC, USA (this is in Macon County, Western NC, about 1 1/2 hours west of Asheville, NC) Phone (828) 524-3305 This is goth friendly but their Wednesday night services are better as far as feeling awkward etc. goes. it is alternative and very informal. some goth/skater kids go there. and you can ride their bus if you
don't have transportation. The Youth Pastor's name is Aaron Hoover. His cell no. is (828)736-2501, aaronghoover@gmail.com  You can contact
him for more info or if you just want to talk (even if you are out ofstate) If you do talk to him or go to the church, find Aaron and tell him that this girl Racheal told you about the church.:)

Sparks, NEVADA   89436 At a larger church called Summit upstairs in the LOFT http://www.summitnv.org/ there is a Student Ministry (middle school to high school) that I go to. (I have no idea how the adult or college services would respond to goth's...just noting. Though the college service should be worth a shot, I know a lot of the students in it.)
7075 Pyramid Highway, Sparks, NV 89436 (Nevada needs to be on the list!)

Singles In Fellowship, Denver, *Colorado <--webpage   A  Christian Outreach  to  share The Gospel  of  Jesus Christ   to  the  Widowed,  the  Divorced,  the Blended   family, Individuals and Families.   

eRocky Mountain Christian Center  Green Mountain Falls, *Colorado.  Its address is Hwy. 24 & Green Mountain Falls Road.  It is the first two metal buildings on the Green Mountain Falls turn off.  (Two building due to the school.)  It is a very small but loving family.  I even work in children's church with no hastle.   Their slogan is "'Healing the Broken Hearted' Luke 4:8".  Their services are Sunday mornings at 10:00 A.M., Thursday nights at 7:00 P.M., and Youth group(highly recommended) at 7:00 P.M. Thursday nights.  I hope we can bless even more of the broken hearted.~Zephaniah~a.k.a. Seth Lile       323 Youth Ministry  (---website)

The Scum of the Earth Church in Denver Colorado. It's an awesome outreach! If you're ever in the area, go!   FELLOWSHIP & VITTLES  (food) STARTS 6:30 PM   WORSHIP STARTS PROMPTLY AT 7 PM    DATE: SUNDAY NIGHTS   PLACE: Church In The City   ADDRESS: 1530 Josephine St. Denver, CO 80206
CORNER OF: Colfax & Josephine
MySpace URL:   http://www.myspace.com/scumoftheearthchurch


Colorado, Colorado Springs Rock Family Church rockfamilychurch.com
Christ Fellowship Church    in San Antonio, Texas. It's a small, Bible-based church with conservative values and traditional music.
We welcome anybody! There's not a large goth crowd there, but there's me! CFC has some of the sweetest elderly people who always compliment me on my outfits. (black lipstick, chains, and all!) We're an odd little disfunctional family like most churches, but I feel perfectly accepted and at home. I hope you will, as well.

Texas, Lewisville 75067 ~NorthView Baptist Church.~ http://northviewbaptist.com/

Deliverance Bible Church  <--webpage Dallas, Fort Worth, Hurst, Euless, Bedford area of Texas - "If someone needs a good home church that is non judgemental then my church is the place for them!" from Gina G.

Christian Fellowship Center in Brownsville, Texas.  - "They are very loving and a great bunch of people with good hearts. Everyone pretty much knows everyone by name and we are all one big family." ~ Adriana

YWAM ministries in Garden Valley (Tyler area) Texas, Family night is held on Twin Oaks Ranch, where we are based, each Sunday night at 6PM.  It is open to all,
although most of the people there are usually either staff, or students, who live on the ranch. (It's NOT a farm. We're not farmers. We're missionaries) it's just a couple of miles off I20 exit 248, near Tyler TX. 
Most of us aren't Goths, but we welcome anybody who loves the Lord (Or is just curious about him) no matter what they look like. We are common people, preps, punks, skaters, phreaks, and yes, a few Goths here and there, but I find that almost everybody here  judges people on a totally personal basis, not with personal bias.  For more information, go to www.YWAMTyler.org  (there're directions there.)  ~God bless, Justus~

Church on the Rock, Texarkana,Texas     


Flower Acres Church in Texarkana Texas Very Goth Friendly Come one come all Contact Justin for any information by email justinchester2012@gmail.com  Or call the church (903) 793-0419

Hard Rock Church  - We are a community of believers from all walks of life, some of us are musicians, tattoo artists, students, artists, professionals, grandparents, moms, dads, teens & children; but we all share a common thread in worshiping Jesus Christ!  We welcome you and your friends to be a part of our community fellowship.
Sundays @ 4pm | Wednesdays @ 7pm
6322 N.W. Loop 410 
San Antonio, TX. 78238  210.212.4007 / 210.673.0513   itsPastor@yahoo.com     www.HardRockChurch.com

 I'm Aria the singer of Wyrmwood The Legacy.  I just wanted to let you know there is a new church here in Boerne, Texas (20 min. from San Antonio, Tx.) that is getting started called The Edge Church <---(website).  Image is everything... or is it?   The Edge Church doesn't think so. We care more about who you are than what you wear or where you've been. As a matter of fact, so does God. If you would enjoy a place where people genuinely care about you, just as you are, then come check us out. We're more than just a service. We're a place where imperfect people find acceptance, with no strings attached. 
We are a NEW church plant organizing to start in Boerne Tx in the Summer of 2007.  We are currently meeting in our Pastors home in San Antonio for Bible Study and planning.  If you are interested in working with us to start a new church please contact us, or drop by our Bible Study.

Mid-Cities Community Church in Odessa, TX (right over the county line) is an awesome place to go. True, there's not very many goths there, but the staff as well as the majority of the youth group loves us all the same.

My church, Travis Baptist Church of Memphis Texas is a very friendly church that would like to be added to the directory.  Thanks, Ryker

Southwest Christian Church - Fort Worth, Texas (7101 Trail Lake Dr. - off of Hulen in SW Ft. Worth, close to Crowley and Burleson)  www.swcchurch.org
Everyone and anyone is welcome here, especially at the youth group.  If you have questions about it, email studentminister@sbcglobal.net

I attend a truly awesome charismatic church,
First Assembly of God Family Church in Lufkin, Texas. We are VERY goth friendly, in fact, we maintain a constant open door policy toward anyone who desires to worship the Lord with us.

South Seminole Baptist Church is goth friendly. It is in Seminole, Texas.   www.ssbcyouth.org (look at the pictures, thats the youth that go to my church.)

The location of my church is in Austin Texas,  Christian Life Church is located on 4700 West Gate Blvd. Are Sunday service starts at 10:00am and are Wensday service startes at 7:30pm.  It's a wonderful church. They welcome me with open arms and Paster Rex D. Johnson  is a Powerful Holy Ghost filled man. His preaching is moving. His heart loves people no matter what you look like. Hope to see you there one of these days!!!!!    Covered in the Blood,   sbutton4christ@sbcglobal.net   

First Church of the Nazarene, San Angelo TX   www.bestyouthgroup.com

Collin Creek Comunity Church  Plano Texas    www.groundzerodallas.com

Faith AG in Houston Tx, www.altared.org

Generations Church  405 Rayford Rd   Spring, TX 77386  

First United Methodist Church Conroe, TX Fumc-Conroe.Org

Tyler Texas Churches

Christ Chapels Writings

My Name is Chris  I live in Lubbock, Texas I attened Trinity Church it it a Non-Denominational Church that does not look down at the Gothic Culture. Trinity Church is located at 7002 Canton Ave, Lubbock, TX 79413

I'm probably the most church-a-phobic person I know.  I've had some close brushes with being burnt at the stake by a bunch of crazy hypo-christians.  My friend, who has been christian goth for man years, worked on me for about 6 months and finally got me to go to her church with her.  It's called Gateway Community Church.  I've never been to a church like it.  My friend shows up in full goth gear (sometimes including vampire fangs) and no one even bats an eyelash.  It's quite astounding.  The services are wonderful and well-thought out.  Everything is well-researched and based on both history and the   Bible.  If you live in the Austin, TX area and have been scared off or chased out by a church, this is THE place to go.  After a year of  attending services periodically, God called me and I recently made my confession of faith in Christ.... and it's ALL Gateway's fault! LOL  Please check it out, even if you're not sure about the whole "God" thing... the services are valuable to people of all spiritual   inclinations (including pagan, buddhist, jewish, etc.).  Their philosophy is: "No perfect people allowed." You can view their website    and listen to past messages at: http://www.gatewaychurch.com/ By the way, their music is GREAT... it's all christian rock and the  music director is awesome. As a former fervent anti-christian, it speaks volumes that I have found a church that has brought me back to  God.  Check it out!

I go to St Laurence Catholic Church in Houston Texas. The Lifeteen Mass is at 5:00 pm on Sunday. It is mostly teens that go there, it is always
packed. We accept everyone...no one is turned away. The music is awesome (electric guitars, drums, and a great choir) and I would love to have
you join us. The people are very friendly and no matter what the stereotype is, our Father Drew has seen it, and loves us for it.

 Ridgewood Church- Port Author, Beaumont, Nederland, Port Neches Area of Texas-----If you need a church to go look us up and ask for Jessica or Brandon. We will help you out. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Service 10:45. Check us out!(sorry no website yet)

Church that IS gothic Friendly: Cielo Vista Church, El Paso, TEXAS

I attend Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Albany, Oregon,  and I can say we've got every walk and class of people in my church that there is. Punkers to Emo, Rocker metalheads to Goth, Wealthy upper class to homeless, ect...
I've never felt like I was being judged for being a flamboyant metalhead with strong gothic tendences while attending this church. No one there really cares what you look like but rather whether or not your growing in the Lord and developing a personal relationship with Jesus.
The church is a non-denominational, charismatic church that desires to build a strong personal relationship with Jesus, flow in the anointing of the Holy spirit, Build strong intercessory prayer warriors, and take it out to the world for the glory of God.
Johnny Rocker

The Episcopal Church of Gethsemane   905 Fourth Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55404
USA 612-332-5407  Holy Communion-Spoken, Rite I  8:00 AM Sunday       Adult Education      9:00 AM Sunday
Contemporary Sung Mass  (the last Sunday of each month is Jazz Sunday with Jazz musicians)
10:00 AM Sunday         Sunday School         10:00 AM Sunday
  Holy Communion-Bishop Jelinek  7:00 AM Tuesday
The people at this church are not only Goth friendly, they are Gay friendly and pretty much everyone else friendly too. I walked in my
first Sunday and was immediately loved on. It's great for those of us who like tradition and need "blood" every Sunday (communion). I really
like it. They do traditional liturgy and hymns, and the building is historical and BEAUTIFUL!             ~Sonshine



 Wichita, Kansas. My Church is called Mosaic and is only about one year old.  It is a new church plant and our Pastor Matt Lower has a special vision to see our church reach out to any who feel out of place in most churches.  He wants us to reach not only to Christians but to be a place where those who don't know Christ can feel comfortable coming to learn about Him.  He is tattooed and wears gauges, as do most of our worship team and his wife also sports tatts too!  Our most outgoing and welcoming member is a young Goth member of the worship team.  She was the first to make me feel right at home there and has become a much loved friend.  We have elderly, young and middle-aged married with kids, young and middle-aged singles, Goths, Tattoed, Pierced, and Vanilla members who all love and care for each other very much.  We have great connection groups/bible studies; street outreach food ministry; prayer group; and kids class.  Right now we meet Sundays at 10 am at Robinson Middle School, 2nd Street and Oliver.  Groups meet at various members houses or other churches.  We are affiliated with the Church of God.  Please help us spread the word about this wonderful new church. Here is our contact info:Mosaic Church  P.O. Box 47952 Wichita, Ks  67201
(316) 263-7275
I have just been going there since mid-February and have already established eleven good friendships and many more who are friendly and know my name at church.  That has never happened at any church I have ever been to before.  I found your site about a year ago as I have a number of un-saved Goth friends that I am trying to be Christ to.  They didn't even know there was such a thing as a Christian Goth!  I also noticed something about bats on the main page.  The first Sunday I went to Mosaic a few of the kids were running around with cut out paper bat hats on their head!  That kind of told me there was something cool going on right there!   -Donna S.

First Missionary Church, Newton Kansas- Beautiful place of worship. When i first attended i was welcomed & accepted despite my appearance. All are accepted here.

Ground Zero Church, Wichita Kansas- concert headquarters and youth church, great youth services, rad concerts such as Living Sacrifice, Demon Hunter, The Agony Scene, Naos Project, and local favorites Coven of Scars

Christian Chaple Foursquare in Wichita Kansas "is interdemonational in spirit and penacostal in heritage.  Back in the 70's it was the church that accepted all the hypies and my pastor suffered for it, and now he is begining to get the members to accept the Goths and sub-culture people.  I am a very comitted follower of Christ, and dress (most of the time) very Gothic... yet I am one of the singers on the Youth Praise Team... that just goes to show how open my church is." ~ Morria address: Christian Chaple Foursquare 5828 S. Broadway, Wichita, Kansas

 Living Faith, church of the Nazarene, Girard, Kansas

 Zao Christian Fellowship  Zao meets every Saturday at 6:00pm and the youth group called "Till We Die - Youth Militia"  and they meet at 7:00pm on Thursdays.  Both are @ Zao Christian Fellowship -
136 N. Emporia (Rivercrest Building),
Wichita, KS.  http://www.zaochristian.com/home/   Basically, it is the old Savlation Army building and they share it with one other church (that is why church is on saturday and thursday...lol.)

Daystar Church Cullman, Al   

I am the Student Minister from First Baptist Church in Hoover, Alabama.  Just wanted to let you know that we are a Goth friendly group in case anyone needs one in this area.  In fact, I would especially welcome some Christian Goth influence (we have had the opposite in the past) - Let me know if there is anything I can do and God Bless!                                
Our service times are: Sun 9:15am   -Sunday School                     10:30am - Worship 5pm - Evening Worship  ***** the best services ---Wed. Night 6:15 - All students awesome worship and Bible Study & 8:30pm - College age and above only!   Have Faith (Mark 11:22),    from,  Brother Bo

Fleetwood Baptist, in Peterson, Alabama, is accepting to just about everybody. Located on Highway 216.

Calvary Assembly of God in Moblie, Alabama its goth friendly but im the only goth there so yeah b/c i dont know any other christian goths but yeah i just thought i would send this in and every thing bye

Trinity Assembly of God   Sylacauga,Alabama

Garywood Assembly of God Hueytown, Alabama is an awesome church!! The youth group is awesome (Wednesday night at 7:00) and they love goths...especially ME...lol ~Bonnie

I go to a (goth Friendly)and or (everything friendly) ~ Sylacauga First Church of the Nazerene in Sylacauga, Alabama

My church is  The Dwelling Place in Fairhope Al. on Greeno Rd. The denomination is Church of God.

The Harbour UMC, Meridianville AL  their website: http://www.theharbourumc.com.

 In Cullman, Alabama. The Cullman First Church of The Nazarine.


Jacksonville, FLORIDA
St. Nicholas Park Christian Church
, 3226 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville,FL 32207
A friendly church welcoming all people

Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ~ "there are alot of goths that go there...including me. The youth group allows everyone regardless of what they look like to participate in the ministry. It is awesome how God is using goth's in this church." ~  Cristina

Cornerstone Methodist Church in Naples, Florida - "I attend a wonderful, open minded, non-judging congregation. "Cornerstone Methodist Church". It has truly   changed my life.  I was so scared and worried the first time I agreed to step foot into this church. I was afraid of being judged.  I still wear lots of black make-up, fishnets, combat boots..etc. I can be myself.  I'm proud to be a GOTHIC CHRISTIAN. It is such a beautiful thing. God's love is wonderful!!!"  ~ Dawn

Pathways Comunity Church in Largo Florida on Starky Road is very goth freindly! ~ Josh

Church: Christian Missionary Alliance of Port St. John
Church Address: 4855 Fay Boulevard Cocoa(Port St. John),
FL 32927-8273

Goth  friendly: without walls central 777 carpenters way lakeland, florida 33809 website: withoutwallscentral.org

Christ The Rock Community Church (<--click for website)   Cooper City,  Florida
i started going to this church a few years ago when the youth pastor at my
old church said that thepeople who went to the youth group "didn't need someone like me influencing
them.  so i left.  then i found this place and it's the most diverse church i've
ever been to, and it's great. i love it and couldn't ask for anything else
in a church.

Goth friendly church: New Hope Lutheran Church, Melbourne Florida

This church is located downtown and was the former home of "THE EDGE" (a super cool night club) and 08 seconds (a not so cool Cowboy and Western club)This place is awesome inside, very industrial warehouse that has been converted from a night club into a SUPER cool atmosphere.You have to check it out......This is a safe church to be messed up, nobody trying to be a certain way here, just love God and Love each other.Come and look me up. Just ask for Spice and look for the guy wearing a some mechanic shirt with someone else's name on it. Rob Spicer 1010 Turtle Creek Dr. Oviedo, FL 32765

I have been attending
H20 church for nine months now and it is EXTREMELy GOTh friendly.
check out http://www.h2ochurch.org H20 Church 100 W. Livingston St.

Florida, live oak, The refuge Is a pentecostal church and everyone is friendly. Sure you may get a couple odd looks, but it's a small church so people will glance because you're new. :)


 new - Rev. Ben Moore of    Smyrna, TN   Yeshuat Yisrael   3610 N Chapel Rd Franklin, TN 37067-7820  http://www.yeshuatyisrael.com/  We are a relaxed group. Lots of different people.

website-->   in Johnson City, TN and has just started a fellowship in Knoxville TN.   While there are no groups of Goths there right now... I know from first hand experience that the church is accepting of different lifestyles. This is the church that Mia &I are members of. (Dave from the band: Gretchen)

Lifelink Church in Lakeland, TN. - "There's no condemning here and the worship will rock your socks off.  i love it here, and i'd hope to see some more christian goths there!" ~ Bethany [/.silver.\]  also see: www.visibleschool.com

The Vineyard Church in Chattanooga, TN is goth friendly. there are goth & hardcore groups there as well as organics (hippies) & other groups...it's eclectic! ~dale~

The church that I go to is Heartsong United Methodist Church Bartlett, Tennessee. It is, in my opinion, the best church in the world. The pastor describes us as a bunch of "knotheads, potheads, hotheads, and sot...in recovery" I love it. just thought you'd like to know...

Faith Community Church in Franklin, TN is a very open and accepting group of Christians.  Back when I was still dressing goth they let me
become the worship leader!  Poet shirts and all.... Anyway, we teach solid Bible, have a great community/family feel and have a great band
that honestly worships God and doesn't try to put on a show.  If you are looking for authenticity and acceptance come check us out. 

The Spring Creek Church of God on Spring Creek Road in East Ridge Tennessee right next to East Ridge Hospital.

TRINITY CHAPEL 5830 Haynes Sterchi Knoxville, TN

Our church accepts people from all walks of life even if they are
living an alternative lifestyle. We have an awesome youth group, good
music group, and a good men's group. Everyone is accepted and loved
at Trintiy... I consider myself a Romantic Goth, and our Pastor is
of Jewish descent. Our church meets on Sunday mornings at 1030am...
*Jeffrey Joe Rubio*  imjjr1964@gmail.com

goth-friendly church o' mine:    Trinity Chapel    www.trinitychapel.com  Knoxville, Tennessee
    It's a really awesome church. We have all kinds of people that come there and it's a really on-fire church. Come and you shall enjoy.

I go to the People's Church, in Nashville, Tennessee http://www.thepeopleschurch.org
It's goth friendly.  There are a lot of teens there, from the preppier people to emo to hippie to goth.  A lot of the youth leaders are drawn to different subcultures, and they tend to have respect, not "Eeew!" for the gothier people.  They look past the clothing at people's hearts.  

I go to Bethel World Outreach Center in Brentwood, TN on the corner of Old Hickory and Granny White Pike (it is the BIG white one on the corner) which is goth friendly. Sunday services start at 8:15 AM, 10:00 Am, and 11:45 AM respectively, Saturday night service starts at around 7 I think (though I am not sure) and RUSH
(our high school youth group) meets on Wednesdays in the Gym.(there are only 2 of us currently,though neither if us are ALL OUT goth, I am tring to
change my style slowly as to not get yelled at by my parents)

 My church is Trinity Vineyard in Mid-town Atlanta, GA. not to be confused with Atlanta Vineyard which is already on your list.  This is where all the goths, punks, emo, hippies, yuppies (yes even yuppies are welcome!) and anyone who is into Jesus, or looking for Him, come to do it together.  We are mostly 20s and 30s with some younger and some older ones for seasoning.  Pastor Kris is awesome- very relevant and even challenging.    If someone at my church is staring at you, it's probably because they LIKE what you are wearing, or your hair color, or your many or few piercings or body art!    We have 4 Sunday services, 9:30am, 11:30am, 6pm and 8pm.  The evening services, naturally, are usually when most of the enlightened dark ones show up but there's a good bit of us in the am too.   Look it up at trinityvineyard.org or just show up at any of the times above- 1314 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd.  Atlanta GA 30318  Holy Savior Batman!  "Goth"om's on fire!  hee.   we are a multi-ethnic church as well .

The Hillside Parishes -Leake St Mary's Church. Visions York

I attend Newnan First United Methodist in Newnan, Georgia. The website is http://www.newnanfumc.org. Iím the only goth there, but I get lots of compliments on what I wear. A lot of the young children donít understand it, but everyone is really nice and cool with me. The services are liturgical, and the music is beautiful. We have an organ and excellent choirs that sing amazing, sometimes haunting, classical music. I am not sure what the youth program is like because I am in an adult Sunday School class, but I do know the lady who is the main youth leader. She is wicked sweet and accepting. Youíll stand out, but nobody minds. They will appreciate you as you are, and it wonít matter that you arenít like them.

 I attend His Hands in Woodstock, GA http://www.hishandschurch.com/ This church is very welcoming, is non-denominational, has no hierarchy, and has made accepting and embracing believers on a come-as-you-are basis in Christ's love.  They have an awesome band, with members dressed in full punk, indie, etc. attire, tattooed, and I see many people from several subcultures, including Goths there.  I have come in goth attire, with no issues or stares, jut the love and acceptance His Hands offers.  I'd be gald to accompany anyone who wants to try it out.  --Raven Silva-Barton Marietta, GA

Flames of Fire Church  email  Stockbridge/Conyers Georgia area

Beallwood Baptist Church- Columbus, GA -people are pretty much non-judgemental as long as you don't act a fool during service   Christ Community Church- mainly skaters/punks.. they have a skatepark. people dont judge you and they'll accept you no matter who you are  ~ elisabeth

my church is Goth friendly.  I attend Church In The Now (<--website) in Conyers, GA.

The Church At Monticello, Monticello GA  
this church is the most excepting i have ever been to everyone here greeted me with open hearts.

Joel's Place Port Wentworth,GA

Faith Harvest Church Savannah,GA

The most awsomely awsome church ever!!!   World Harvest of Ball Ground  Ball Ground, GA   website: http://www.uturn.cc

Hebron Baptist Church, Dacula, Ga www.hebronchurch.org  - This is not a "gothic" church but they are open to everyone there.  Very supportive environment.

 I go to Calvary of Columbus, GA  and they are an incredible "Come as you are" type church. super casual and the Pastor is a reformed drug addict like myself, so he's not preaching to the choir.
I've been going to the Atlanta Vineyard Church www.atlantavineyard.com/youth Norcross (Atlanta) GA  It's pretty cool and the people accept the way i am but there aren't any other goths that go there (right now). They show some cool bands - Becoming The Archetype, Joy Electric, they even tried to book Saviour Machine (no chance of that happening though)

First Redeemer Youth Group church in Cumming GA Here in the church website http://www.firstredeemer.org/  ask for Jordan who is in the youth group

The church I attend is E. 91st Street Christian Church and is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.
They have several services you can attend on Sundays at different times. They do have traditional and more conservative services earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon. The service I attend, though, starts at 10:45 and begins and ends with a live band. The band is The Aaron Pelsue Band, a Christian rock band who has awesome worship music!! Aaron's music is on CD as well and can be purchased through the church or online. Aaron is also the worship minister for the church. Church services are led by Derrick, another minister at this church. Aaron and several members of the band have long hair, piercings, tatoos and their attire is nothing fancy at all...just t's and jeans. There's no need to dress up for church services. The people in the congregation are very real, and friendly. And even though the majority of people attending are predominantly late teens to middle aged, you will find God's children there in all ages! Anyone should feel at ease when attending E. 91st st. Christian Church. They have a very uplifting service each week, and the music rocks!
If anyone is interested in attending this church and would like to have a friend to sit with for services just so they know someone to start off with, they can feel free to message me or email me on yahoo and I'd be happy to set up a place to meet at the church before services start so that we can find good seats together.  My yahoo IM is PhropheticServant and email is PhropheticServant@yahoo.com

Common Ground Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN has been a great home church for me. The church is in the heart of Broad Ripple (the "artsy" part of town) and the congregation is as diverse as the community that surrounds it. The worship is rockin and the pastor does an excellent job.

Blood n Fire  Muncie, IN - A wonderful place filled with wonderful, REAL people. Nobody in a suit here, not even the Pastor! Committed to outreach to the poor, the youth, and the nations. Heavy annointing on the prophetic and on personal relationships with each other, Jesus, and God.  Church web site: www.bloodnfiremuncie.com

Christ Community Church in Carmel, Indiana. It's a very warm environment. The youth are EXTREMELY accepting. They accept me and we've all become great friends. Also, the pastor is awesome! Sure, there are your conservatives, but there are those everywhere you may go. Trust me, it's awesome.

Crossroads Church in Avon, Indiana.  Our Student Ministry is called ONE.  At ONE everyone is accepted just as they are!    Check us out at www.oneavon.com or email me at ryan@crossroadsavon.org

*Oasis SDA Church  Boise, ID 

*Mountain View Christian Assemblyhttp://www.mvcaog.org
300 E 8000 South  Sandy,
UT 84070 I was just wanting you to add my church to the list of Ďgothí friendly churches:  I play bass every Sunday in the main worship band on stage with blue liberty spikes and tattoos, I want more people to know we are completely excepting.

*Herritage Baptist Church Nashua, NH. I'd say they were pretty friendly towards Goths. My pastor has seen me in "full" dress the first time we met and didn't recognize me without it the next time and we are excellent friends. :-D Mad props to Pastor Hillman. he sees the people and not the stereotypes  

NEW - 'Goth friendly':Church of the Apostles, 4272 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WASHINGTON 98155   (Episcopal/Lutheran)  our first 'goth mass' - (this may become monthly) is Sunday, March  19, 2006, 8 pm followed by a trip to  the Noc Noc club in Seattle.

Calvary Chapel   of Skagit County Laconner,Washington (state)

King of Kings Lutheran Church in Omaha, Nebraska.    Alternative and the dress code is casual wear.

Upper Room Christian Fellowship   Lincoln, Nebraska -
My church is not really a Goth church but people there are very friendly to all people and we'd love for anyone to come visit if they want to. Here also is the web address:   


Jacobs Well Church (<--website) Louisville, KY is Very Goth friendly. Several Goths attend there.

Popular Baptist Church
Church Address: 14302 Popular Lane Jefferson
KY 40299  Church Phone#: 245-4031  Sunday School times:9:30am-10:30am  Church Times: 10:30am - about 12:00am 
The church is very goth friendly. There are only two goths that go there me and my friend but it is usually me. I would enjoy more goth people to come cause there is so few. If you are in the youth class you may want to ask for me, Melissa. Hope and pray you come.

A great church.  The church that got me believing in Christ Jesus because of how much love came out of these people:  Christ Centered Church.  It is located at 2275 Eastland Pkwy in Lexington, KY.  There is contemporary and traditional music, and it is full of Christ-love and acceptance. ~Shane~

My husband and I are youth pastors that welcome punk,metal,goth kids to come to our Church to worship with us. We ourselves are ...well unique.   www.myspace.com/cynthiahandloser and www.myspace.com/screams_for_the_silent  is about us. We have strong stands on Holiness and Fellowship. Our Church is   First Church of God, Prestonsburg, KY, 212 University Drive, 41653

Calvery Chapel  Coral Springs  Good people,very accepting,very fun,Makes everyone feel comfy and right at home. -Z

the Christian Fellowship Center in New Bedford, MA is a great place.It's has a great Youth Group on Wednesday nights at 6:30. We already have a few goths there and no one judges us. It's actually alot of fun. I love it there. well i thuoght you guys would want to know about another church.   ~Mae

 www.ilovethischurch.com  Rio Theaters   9811 Washingtonian Blvd.  Gaithersburg, MD 20878
At Journey's Crossing you'll find a very relaxed, casual, friendly group of people who don't "do church" -- instead, we all are learning and growing together, exploring what it means to be on a personal spiritual journey with God. ::   Joyfull Morning Music  

Saint Andrew the First-Called Orthodox Catholic Church  Baltimore, MD  http://church.garguillio.com  Below is an article which appeared about us in a local paper, which mentions us being Goth-friendly  In Peace,  +Daniel
The Most Rev. +KONSTANTINOS Daniel Garguillio  Metropolitan Bishop  Ancient Orthodox Eparchy of Maryland  http://www.garguillio.com  443-388-1359   revdaniel@garguillio.com

NOVEL DUNDALK CHURCH TO FOLLOW TRADITION Clerics will hark back to old-style liturgy   by Steve Pingel   For more information, contact pastor Daniel Garguillio at  revdaniel@garguillio.com or 1-888-650-1817, ext. 110, or visit   http://church.garguillio.com

 Trinity Bible Church on 3420 W. Peoria Avenue is an awesome church, where all are welcome, there is no discrimination here it's all about connecting with god. Not about what you wear, or the music you listen to.... you know, its all about worshiping god as a congregation....We love all! please Come and Look for me because I'd love to meet any and all of you! God bless  Peace and love
Anna Monroe               Trinity   3420 W. Peoria Ave  Phoenix, AZ  85029
602. 942. 8330

Desert Vista Church in Scottsdale, AZ   (480) 368-0888 7345 E Evans Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85260    sorry no website. :-/

Goth friendly church called Latitude Life Center in Mesa, Arizona For more info on this church go to: www.latitudelifecenter.com

A great church for anybody is Calvary Community Church in Phoenix Arizona.  It has a huge, vareid congregation, very firm leadership, and welcomes everybody.  Website:  http://calvaryphx.org/

New Beginnings Bible Ctr I am a Pastor In Tucson AZ---AND we are a small Christian Church on the North side of town and I want ALL of you to KNOW un-equivocally---that IF you came to my church---I WOULD if I could JUST give you a great bug hug--------I love you all because of the difference----BUT it is very hard for must of us to accept the changes that we see these days in the youth----BUT I will and do accept you as a person---we will love you, right where you are------((a thought though)) I wonder sometimes if YOU-GUYS can love us???  Pastor P I am 59 years old and have been in the ministry about 20 of those years---thanks---nbbci@theriver.com

*The church: Praxis http://www.praxischurch.com (Tempe, AZ) The church seems to be much more alternative than others I've been to, and I have certainly never caught a glare from anyone in the congregation.  It's very new and small, very scripturally based from what I have seen thus far, and there is free food every week!  (I have some friends who find that extremely appealing)

*The ministry: Navigators at Arizona State University
(Tempe, AZ) http://www.asu.edu/clubs/navsasu/ I spend most of my time involved here, and we have what I would certainly hope is a very comfortable atmosphere for any goths or anyone who considers themselves to be a little different.  After all, we are mostly nerds there...

Salvation Army Charleston Core  Charleston, West Virginia

First United Presbyterian Church of Lackawanna Valley.   1557 Main Street Peckville, PA  Rev. Virginia Miner, Pastor.
 Rev. Miner is a great person, and welcomes all, regardless of what one looks like.  Her concern is for their soul, not their outward appearance.  While there is no Goth specific service, all are welcome at regular services.

Powersource Youth Ministry   New Brighton, PA

Labor of Love USA in East Stroudsburg, PA   I was delivered from satanism under this ministry and have been a gothic metalhead ever since! The pastors are great and love the scenes, and I even perform outreach black metal shows there once in a while! Also starting soon, a gothic bible study for the undead! All nocturnal kin is welcome here! Located on rte. 191 across from big wheel roller rink in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania E-mail me with any questions: UnchangingTruth777@yahoo.com  warning: This ministry is extremely charismatic and knows how to usher in the presence of God!    Rob

scranton, pa greenridge assembly of god and providence full gospel tabernacle  both churches are accepting of goth culture 

The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church  located in 119 South Sparks Street, State College, PA. The website is: http://www.holytrinity-oca.org/  I find that this church accepts my gothic appeal and still connects me to the lord, so I'm sure others would be fine in it as well.

Hope Church (.---website)- Covington, LA - not a whole lot of underground people, but very open to anyone no matter your background or what you look like. ~ from Chris

Sherwood Baptist church Baton Rouge, LA    the website is http://www.sherwoodbc.org/

Trinity Christian Center Town&State: Forest Hill, La

Hammond, LA called Harvest Family Church (http://www.theharvest.us)  You will be accepted by most of the church (i would say about 90% will accept you right away)
I personally will more than likely come and introduce - talk to you myself!  Later,Chris csia@charter.net

Victory Harvest Church-www.victory-harvest.com 3953 North Flannery Road Baton Rouge Louisiana 70814 (225.275.5255)
is a very welcoming church, we accept anyone who walks through the door. We have a great youth program. Image-(High School)- www.vicotry-harvest.com/image. We also have a really great Junior High department.J-xpress-www.jxpress.org. Image And J-Xpress all meet on fridays from 7-10:30. From 7:00-9:00 or so is Free time. We have games, a gym, and concessions. from 9:00-about 9:45 is worship. Then the rest of the night is our youth pastor Mac preaching. We have a couple of Underground kids, but not many, but still have a very welcoming church!

Minnesota  Eagle Brook Church - no you wonít be greeted at the door by someone in a suit and tie but by someone who may be wearing blue jeans and shirt, (today since I am in Minnesota the guy was in a pair of brown insulated coveralls since it was cold).  Eagle Brook keeps their teaching biblical and relevant to life today, we like to say our messages are real and relevant.  We have three different locations and are looking at a fourth since we are growing so fast, the reason for this growth is not to say we are better but because of the message and the love of God that keeps us on the cutting edge of truth in His word.  Please check out our web site www.eaglebrookchurch.com and see what you think, you can listen to past messages and the series that started this month is awesome.


Discover Life Church
1000 Lincoln Ave.
Lansing. MI 48910
(517) 484-1331 church office

no website
goth friendly
9:45 a.m. - Sunday morning - bible study
11:00 a.m. - Sunday - worship celebration

United Milwood Methodist Church-Kalamaoo, MI

I wanted to mention a goth/punk friendly church in Roseville, MI (metro detroit area) They meet on Sunday evenings at 5pm.  One of the few churches
I've found that believes the "day of rest" means you dont have to wake up ridiculously early.   They call themselves "the scruffy church", but the real name is
The Urban Church. Check out theucc.org. for more info and directions. They're good people.

Resurrection Life Church-this is my church that I attend and it is awesome! While I am not goth, this church is very accepting, and actually their motto is "be real". Don't put on a mask, don't hide behind a church face, if someone asks you how you're doing, don't lie and say "good" if you're not! This church is in Muskegon, Michigan.

I attend a very awesome youth group at F.O.F.M.   It is called Extreme Teens Yoth Group-Teens going to the extreme for God- Me a one other person are Christian Goths that attend. People look at you on the inside and not the outside it is awesome!  Every Wednesday evening @ 7:00 PM.   God Bless Every1!!  Family Of Faith Ministries  203 E. Upright Street   Charlevoix   Michigan 49720    they have no website

Mars Hill Bible Church   3501 Fairlanes Avenue  Grandville, MI 49418 616-249-3337    http://www.mhbcmi.org ...and, is from my experiance, an amazing community of people that seek to show love to word around them an cultivate a full and real life in people. Not only is much of the congregation rather "unconventional", Mars Hill also has ministries that are designed specifically to love and encourage people that stuggle  with homosexuality, drugs, mental disorders, or what ever else weights the heart. Personally, I have never felt more welcome then when I am there.

Although I am not personally a Christian Goth, I just want to inform you of a very accepting group at my church known as Golgotha, specifically designed to outreach to the Gothic community.  http://www.nxtlevel.org/nxtlevel/belong.asp    click on the community group "Golgotha"
The group meets in the basement of the Five Star Realty building. The address is 76 S. River Ave, Holland,
MI, 49423. 

Cornerstone Christian church  located at 4th and Forest in Joplin Missouri  seems to be quite goth friendly

Come join us as we seek to walk with Christ. Michigan, Haslett Corner Stone Community Church http://www.churchontowner.com/1997 Towner Rd Haslett, MI 48840 517.339.4442

Just wanted to let people know that there is an alternative/Goth-friendly church in Holland, MI! It's called Engedi Church. I've been going there for the past 2 years and I love it.  I show up with blue hair and a corset and no one even blinks. Not because everyone there is Goth, but because they see all kinds of people, and they'll accept you just the same. The pastor is great; warm, caring, really has a heart for seeing people encounter God.  Presently, they are located next to Kmart on Chicago Dr with services at 9am and 11am.  www.engedichurch.com  ~Rogue

Hi my name is Christa..I live in Cape Girardeau, Missouri i attend and have attended a Church Dedicated to the Father , son Jesus and Holy Spirit..I can really say that i would Love to have you go to church and celebrate Jesus with me.. I must say  while the Lord works with all in different ways ..I am a  singer with music written from the Lord Jesus Christ Gothica Gospel.. I have not found a band who will celebrate in such a deep contrast..But never judged.. At least by God and his real people.. Of course we all are human but in the word of God it states "Judge Lest Ye be judged.. You are welcome..The point of me sending this information to you is to let you know that know one person can offended you unless you are not secure in who Christ Jesus has made you the vessel he formed you to be ..Do not allow such people (spirits) to determine where and with whom you worship..Seeing how we war not against flesh of blood but against principalities in this world, according to the word of God. Goth is a frame of mourning not a scheme of judgment .Correct so In the word of God it states You are Loved and so am I.. Come in agreement that Jesus is Lord and worship.... God Bless you hope to see you Sunday 10:00am  Wednesday 7:00 pm  Christa Francis AKA DeadGrlWalkin777@webtv.net  Welcome all ..

Christ church of the Heartland   Cape Girardeau Missouri  Bertling street   573-334-7726


I saw the thing about how you needed information on a church in Tulsa, OK   there is a church in Tulsa (I haven't gone there) called Destiny Church.  Like I said, I haven't gone there, but it's probably worth trying.  The preacher there, Eastman Curtis, has a TV show and radio bytes, and he is absolutely amazing.  The website is www.destinychurch.com.

a church that is very Goth friendly in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It is called GUTS.

 I would recomend The Bridge.  It is a very small church and very friendly.  My friends and i were warmly welcomed when we began attending.  The services are held at the following address.TULSA CITY LIMITS  2117 S Garnett  Tulsa, OK   74129-5105
(918) 438-3263 It is behind Medex.  It is a large building and the sign on the front says something like bread of life fellowship.  The sign is wrong.  It is held in an old bar(see address name) Services are Saturday nights at 6:00.  After the service there is fellowship(we all go upstairs, have refreshments, and play card games and pool,)  New people are always welcome.  I hope to see you at church.   Sincerely,Emily Mowry


 the first church of the livingdead - we have services on thursday nights at 7. tfcotld is not only mad up of goths, all are welcome .we have people from all walks of life....our focus are those that have been rejected by or don't fit in at other churches or never been to a church..or those who just want to be part of a ministry that has a vision of loving the unlovely with the unconditional love of Christ and showing them they have a purpose and a destiny. We are located at 1210 e eldorado st decatur IL ...

SHINE, Youth Group at Evangel Baptist Church in Wheaton, IL - We are an open and accepting community with high school kids from many different subcultures: punk, goth, prep, jocks, anime fans, etc.... We don't discriminate against any who want to come and join us on the journey of faith. We would love to meet you. Come join us any Wednesday night from 7-9:15. We're on Manchester Rd off of County Farm across from the DuPage Fairgrounds and Monroe Middle School. Give me a call at 630-668-3225 (ask for Mike) or email at mjclawson@hotmail.com.
 Peace & Love,

Hello. My name is Mark Thomason. Although our church is not a goth church, we welcome anyone, regardless of dress or background. We would welcome all who come through the church doors. I am a part of the praise team and youth ministry of our church. I dress in black a lot. I love the way goths dress. I think its cool. Look forward to seeing anyone who reads this. my email is-boys9499@yahoo.com.
The church I attend is -
shiloh community church, Geff, Illinois.The church is located north of the Geff city park. God bless.

I attend Richwoods Christian Church in Peoria IL.  They are Goth friendly and they are like family.  I am perhaps the only goth in my church but I get friendly hellos and they let me serve in the church.  Right now I am an apprentice for a life group and I hope to be a leader very soon.

Southside Church Of The Nazarene in Tilton, ILL
180 (one eighty) in Danville, ILL
The Edge in Danville, ILL
All these churches are "goth friendly". Infact 2 of them are christian goth based churches now that I think about it. The Edge is a church that has conserts all the time. 180 has more of the rocker, goth, and rapish r&b kind of people. Southside is the one I attend ever wednesday and teach kindergarden church at. We are more laid back goth/rock/hardcore christian church.

I have a somewhat "Goth Friendly" church; I'm the only Goth, but the pastor would love to see some new lifestyles come in, so you can post it.  The name is
Calvary Baptist Church in Streator, IL.  It's a great church that needs some goths

Hey I've recently gotten involved with a very friendly punk/goth/alternative church. It is Cross Current in Rockford, IL. The web site is http://www.crosscurrent.cc. Check out the website, and please get back to me if you need anymore information about the church.

I attended JPUSA church. The community is very goth friendly. I mean,
Leper does live there and all :)  It's in

Chicagoland Community Church, One of the most unique churches in the city... located in the Belmont/Clark area of Chicago. I head up the Goth ministry here, the C3  Belmont Undead Group...we hold free monthly Goth Nights with movies, bands and food. "Come as you are, meet Jesus as He is."   ~Dave~

www.souledoutberwyn.org    near Chicago We are a gotic and punk outreach center that has concerts every saturday, discussion groups on tuesdays and a fun youth service on friday nights.  All the info is on the webpage.


newest addition:  All Saints of North America Orthodox Christian Church
2550 Schuetz Road
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
(314) 994-0220
Pastor:  Fr. Steven C. Salaris, M.Div., Ph.D.
Also check out www.gettoknowtheoriginal.net
"The Orthodox Church is not primarily an institution. Orthodox Christianity is not a series of rules to live by, nor is it a particular structure of church government. Orthodoxy is not a theological system, nor is its fullest expression limited to any particular period of history or cultural environment. Orthodoxy is nothing less than a relationship with God."  (Archimandrite Meletios Webber, Bread & Water, Wine & Oil: An Orthodox Christian Experience of God)



Rock the Planet Church (,---website)  - Pearl, MS - mostly skater punks and heavy metal - the worship band is a rock band ~ from Chris

There is a great church in Natchez, Ms called Abundant Life Church that I used to attend.  It is goth friendly for sure.

Westport Assembly of God in Maryland Heights, Missouri My dad is actually the pastor there. A few years ago, Jesus called me and laid it on my heart to minister to goths. I am somewhat that style, or so people tell me. Our church really wants to grow and have a thriving youth ministry.  Everyone in my church loves and accepts everyone, no matter what they look
like. I've let everyone in the church, young and OLD (WAY OLD!), know about
my passion to bring in every style to our church and they are all in
agreement. so come and let's grow together in Jesus and have fun doing it.

I am the pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church in Jackson, Missouri, and my church would definetely be Goth-friendly (there friendly to me, at least). Please feel free to list my church in your directory as well. ~Kevin

Cornerstone Church, 1950 Highway 80 East, Pearl, MS     website:  www.cornerstonejackson.org

All Saints Episcopal ChurchJackson MS
The Church I go to is called Washed By The Word in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Iím a goth and everyone is so friendly. Everyone has different styles. There are many preps and chavs there, but they are so friendly and will love you no matter what you dress as. The pastor is Pastor Kon Tweeten who is also a funeral director and he also preaches in shorts and a tee. Nothing fancy. There is many activities for all ages. Bring kids, teens, adults, elderly, everyone! It is a nondenominational church meaning we go by solely what the Word of God says. Website: www.washedbytheword.com


Just wanted to pass along some information on my church- They are extremely welcoming of literally everyone! (Seriously- A Lucifarian friend of mine found the Lord there, because of the true love that is there.)
New Mexico, Rio Rancho
Christ Full Deliverance Ministries
Address: 2501 Southern Blvd

Vally Faith Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This is a nondenominational church. They seriously will love you no matter who you are or how you look,(if they didn't my youth pastor would be in trouble because she has purple hair, and her husband has a mohawk). The youth Group is very small. It consists of mainly people who have been thrown out or rejected from other churches. They don't care about what you've done, and they're not scared to reach out.   ~ from tiffany ~

 Our church welcomes every one who wants to connect with God and other Christians no matter what his or her liking or personalities. Our main church (Community Bible Center) has a membership of more than 600 people, but I'm sorry to tell you that we have not yet our have a website. Anyway the information about
our church will be written below:  My dad is pastoring two churches, the main (C.B.C.) and pioneer
(Covenant Life Church) which most members are youths and young professionals. You can also add our youth ministry (YOUTHINFLUENCE). If
you have any  question or suggestion,
Community Bible Center  Burgos St. Brgy. Dos  Bais City, Oriental Negros 
Philippines, Asia Covenant Life Church  Silliman Ave.   Dumaguete City, Oriental Negros   Philippines,   Asia
Youth Influence 
youthinfluence@yahoo.com   We have Myspace and Friendster account.   Thanks and God Bless your endeavor.   John Pino


Crossroads is an English-language church for people from all nations. We are passionate about communicating and experiencing Christ's love, wisdom and life-changing teachings. We try to do this together in diverse, creative and relevant ways, so that we're all being inspired and challenged to grow in our relationships with each other and with God. Ultimately we want to live out a faith that makes a difference for good in our community and in our world.
We warmly invite you to join us in any one of our diverse community expressions (Sunday gatherings, small groups, forums, special events, etc.)!


The Sion Church in Vasa, Finland, http://www.vasasion.com/

ARA - Manchester, UK   -  A club-like monthly event bringing Goths of all faiths together in a 17th
century gothic church in Manchester. Run by Christians and mixing Christian music with secular, we provide a chilled out atmosphere where you can dance, watch movies, read books and chat without being chastised for being who you are. We try not to bible-bash anyone, but will happily chat for ages about our faith :) As this particular website is directed at Christians, I'd like to encourage any Christians in the North of England (anywhere in the UK if you travel that far!) to get in touch, come along and find out more about us - we know you're out there somewhere and want to meet you all! Check out our website: www.aranights.com
Matt (DJ Raven)

   LONDON asylum london  A truly alternative church involving worship often using goth or metal songs, meditations, a discussion on a current topic. There are 3 areas so you can join in, chat, or pray quietly.

my church is
st. aldates, and yeah it is goth friendly, although only two or three go. and you do get the odd stares. and it's in the centre of oxford,  UK

St Augustines Church in Hoddesdon, England (goth friendly church! ~ catholic Christian Church)

St.Philip and St.James' Church Chatham, Kent, England www.pipnjims.co.uk


Germany, Recklinghausen, Pfarrkirche St. Michael


High Mass every Sunday 10:45 a.m.
St. Michael
Michaelstrasse 1

A very goth-friendly traditional roman-catholic church."

Confession every Sunday from 9:30 to 10:00 a.m.
The High Mass is every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. now.

The Website is now:





NEW - There is an English-speaking church in Brussels called The Well [www.thewell.be].  Although I have not yet seen a goth there (the church just lost its place of meeting so at temporarily they're splitting up into several weekly Sunday home groups and meet collectively once a month) seeing the way they live, I can say confidently that this is a church where people are accepted just the way they are and not judged for where they come from. This is evident in the fact that many non-Christians attend this church to find out more about Christ and openly admit that they are not (yet) Christian. Their culture is very open and community-oriented. Likewise, I'm sure it will also be a goth-friendly church once we have some who come over :) Between now and 9 july there is a project initiated by The Well called Serve The City [www.servethecity.be], everyone welcome, including goths!

glorious undead church, London glorious undead church, London <--webpage - we are a church based in London made up of people who are into alternative music. What draws us together is our love
for alternative music such as metal, punk, hardcore, goth, and emo.. Music and
faith plays a big part of our lives and makes us who we are.       Our vision is
to break down barriers between God and man, to break down barriers between
Christians and non Christians, and to break down anything that stops us from
knowing Jesus. We are actively involved in the local scene and supporting it.
Like others in the scene, we have something to share as well. Some people like
to talk about social issues of the day or whatever is on their mind and we are
no different. We want to express Jesus in music and the arts about what he has
done; not to push it down people' throats but respecting people and their views
and where they are coming from.   We are affilated with London City Church, part
of Elim Pentecostal Church. Things are rocking around Glorious Undead and good
times are ahead of us.. Come and join us if you can.. We meet the every Sunday
at 16:00 hours at the O'Reilly's Pub Pub (opposite McDonalds) in Kentish Town..
Directions and more info can be found on the website..

B1_Church Without Walls, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom www.b1church.net
 B1 is a community of people committed to journeying with the spiritually interested as they explore Jesus Christ. Weíre here to help others make creative connections to God. Church is often the last place people think of to find a safe place for spiritual questioning. Thatís why weíre engaged in trying to re-imagine a church more accessible for the cultural contexts of our day.
We meet in different places in the city centre. Though we feel committed to the centre, we relate through networks of relationships that span Birmingham. We believe this approach best fits the fluidity of urban life these days. If youíre looking for a church that values friendship, creativity, community, respect, and fun, why not check us out? You can click on the events calendar to find out whatís going on. If youíre interested in exploring the Christian faith, you might like to try Essence or Spirited Exchange. There are loads of ways to get involved in B1. We encourage people to participate and enjoy belonging. The Christian journey is an adventure and we believe in having fun as we work out together what it all means.

at St Edward King and Martyr, Cambridge UK
This is an exciting fortnightly service which seeks to find new ways of making the life of the Church meaningful to people from alternative, and particularly Goth communities. It takes place every alternate Tuesday at 8.30pm in the chancel of St. Edward's Church and all are welcome to attend, whether or not you consider yourself a goth.. The service has been featured on the new Fresh Expressions Church of England website. This service has now been happening for over year and a half and has featured in the news, see here for links to some of the press reports.

There is a detailed article, explaining the background and philosophy of the Goth Eucharist available HERE.

The service lasts about 1 hour and most of the congregation go on to the Calling, a goth evening at the nearby Kambar nightclub. About 25-35 people regularly attend the service.

The service is candlelit with a specially written liturgy and uses a variety of modern rock and as well as classical music. The structure of the service revolves around the baptismal candle and reflects a serious engagement with the depressing and darker sides of our lives before moving towards a position of hope and happiness found in the empathy of the Lord Jesus Christ. While Rev Ramshaws contract has ended with St Eds he is still playing a vital part in the Goth Eucharist.

Details of the music, themes and sermons (where available) can be found via the past service link on the side bar, or from here. Similarly the liturgy used can also be found via the side bar along with page devoted to a selection of the press reports we have come across.

CNN news story on this church   <---click


Youth Beta. They are in Bath, England. Beta can be found on MySpace under the name of Youth Beta. There are lots of details on there. It is on Wednesdays from 7 30 to 9 00, in Hay Hill Church. They are are a sort of Youth club (but they don't like to be called that!). Basically, it is run by tenagers for people of about the same age, so we kinda know what people are and aren't going to like. We all meet up, talk, play pool, table football and air hokkey (sorry, I don't think I've spelt that correctly...). We then have a talk about Christianity and after that you can go downstairs and chat, or stay upstairs and talk to the leaders about God and stuff.


I attend "La Iglesia Evangelica Unida" which means "The United Evangelistic Church" in Yauco, PR. The name says it all !!! It is the kind of church that doesnt look at your clothing or CD player, they look at your heart.  I struggled for a long time without Christ, but when I came here they accepted me for  not who i was but for who a can become. The chuch is located  at  Avenida Barbosa #13 Yauco, PR.


II  go to an awesome church were everybody is welcome and we so don't
descriminate, the church is called
Christian Community Church in Guaynabo,
Puerto Rico. If you want to come and check it out your more than welcome to
contact me at any time and if im not loged on leaveme an E-mail ill make
sure to answer back.



You would be totally welcomed at The Richer Fellowship Church in Richer, Manitoba.
45 min. from Winnipeg.    -Wendy

Friends Langley Vineyard. in Surrey BC Can.

 Manitoba, Canada.
I currently attend
Church of the Rock I won't say its completely unbiased by so far its the most unbiased I have found.


Steiger International New Zealand alt/goth/punk outreach  <--webpage - "Steiger International is dedicated to bringing the love of Jesus Christ to the darkest corners of secular society and to discipling the global youth culture."

I’m part of a community called Satellite, that isn’t a church in it’s own right, but an alt community of the Salvation Army here in Tauranga. Quite a few of our members are Gothic, and as far as I’m aware, we may be alone in that.  Our details are as follows…
Our name is
Satellite, and we’re part of the Tauranga Salvation Army   tel: 07 578 4264  We meet near the Salvation Army in Tauranga, New Zealand

NEW~   I go to Jubilee international church in Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia (www.jubilee.org.au) they are goth friendly in the evening services Ė mainly family in the mornings, but the church has great lighting and atmosphere and is in an old anglican church with gothic architecture. Heaps of Holy Spirit activity, very chilled place where you can get drunk in the spirit easily Ė the best spiritual bar in Sydney...


Mornington Baptist church, 370 Craigie Road, Mt Martha, Victoria AUS. from Azusachan 
Although this is not a 'goth' church, I have certainly found them to be tolerant of those with alternative dressing styles and an overall friendly and open-minded congregation (though I have only attended evening services).

Faith City   Pentecostal / Assembly of God
Lavington NSW and Wodonga VIC
WEBSITE: http://www.faithcity.asn.au/   

Shepparton, Victoria, Australia
 Shepparton Christian Out Reach Centre

Sacred Heart Church, St. Augustine's
Roman Catholic
town: Wodonga  state: Victoria,
Diocese of Sandhurst
WEBSITE: http://catholic.djdzine.com - I design and maintain the site.

Port Pirie Pentecostal Assemblies of God  Port Pirie, South Australia

Paradise Community Church  Adelaide,
South Australia.


Renascer em Cristo or Comunidade Zadoque in Brazil - those 2 accept goths and other undercultures like
(un)black metal, but the 2nd one is mostly for underground people.


Church Name  : Free 4 Christ Ministries 
Town                :Pretoria South Africah Africa

Church   Africa (South)

#124 The upper Room
Above Romans Pizza
Elardus Park Shopping Centre 
Tell: 082 774 0940 
Time: Wednesday ( 19:00)


  If you attend a great church (that is goth friendly) that other Christian goths need to know about in your area of the world, send that info also.

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