A Tribute to Feather Phill
By Andrew Conard

Riding across the country, with a feather in his hat
Wheels spinning with adventure, a journey to be had
Distinguished in black boots and his jacket of truth
Feather Phill knocked on my door and entered into my room

Though tired from the road he sat with confidence and poise
No weakness did he show, his mouth ready to rejoice
And so I asked before we crashed "Do you know what is in store?"
"Well no," he said, "But this I'm sure, I'm following the Lord"

Phill followed Him throughout that week, as he shared and as he'd speak
Of past failures and repentance and the forgiveness he received
A new spirit we could see had been placed into his soul
One in true humility and one that clearly feared the Lord

And then early Sunday morning his service he began
Not for himself and not for wealth but for his newfound friends
A feast he had prepared for us while we were off at church
Though I was late he still had saved some chicken in the fridge

Before I left I watched as from his hand off slipped a glass
I couldn't help but say "It's okay," and help clean up the mess
We grabbed some towels and scrubbed the floor together with our hands
From sorrowed glance and barefoot stance amused we had to laugh

And then that night as we found out he had been killed in a crash
I wondered if from our hands he'd slipped off like that glass
His frail and broken body and his motorcycle destroyed
But all that I can do now is speak his name with joy

For though he had come and had traveled from afar
Now he has completed the journey set before
Although in life we do not know exactly what's in store
There's joy in the suffering that brings glory to the Lord.


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