80's Punk Abstract Glamor

Because Goth is not all just in black and white!

Model: Anna W.

Makeup Artist: Angela Chambers

What You’ll Need

(If you do not have a brush set you can use sponges to put on concealer, foundation, and blush. You have to have the gel eyeliner brushes to paint the colors on the eyes right. You have to have the powder puff or brush to put on powder correctly.)

Instruction for Application


I hope you’ve had fun with this tutorial. I’m sorry I couldn’t get it on video this time. My camera died on me and I had to use a friends. There will be video’s in the future. I promise. If you have any questions about this makeup tutorial, or any questions or suggestions at all email me at: aschambers@comcast.net. Please send me your pictures of your finished makeup looks too. I would be thrilled to see them!

Photography by: Angela and Anna W.

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